Where to fall asleep Calon in the washing machine Samsung?

Calgon needs to be covered in the main (the largest) compartment. there, where powder falls asleep. You can simply add it to the powder. Pouring a substance directly into the drum machine, where underwear is laid, it is not recommended.

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Use Calgon. Kalgon is poured together with the washing powder in the main compartment of the washing machine tray, as a rule, this compartment in size is more than two others. Fall asleep it in the drum together with the linen is not necessary, even though it does not adversely affect the fabric.

Will the TEN break if not to use Kalon?

Advertising is afraid that without Kalgona Ten in a matter of days will turn the destructive layer of scale, the machine breaks down and the owner sadly shakes his head. The showing picture is so plausible and frightening that a live myth has been created around the tool, which has grown in a regular falling asleep with each wash. The company sews a lot of money, while experts confidently declare that it is a banal delusion.

First, Kalgon will not give warranties for long-term operation. How it is impossible to predict which wheel is fastened faster. dirty or clean. The boiled layer is not directly related to the functioning of the heater, so hope is not worth it for one magical agent. The proper operation, initial quality, uninterrupted power supply, and scale in the list of reasons and consequences, is more influenced by the state of Tan. It is also necessary to understand that with rigid water water, it still settles, although in a slow pace. Much more reliable immediately take care of filters, however, they are roads like Calgon.

Secondly, there are more reliable and efficient ways to combat scale. For example, the annual cleaning with a special tool or a replacement of the Tan to the new every five years. It will be 2-3 times cheaper than wasting to spend money on Kalgon’s packaging.

To prevent scale, it is enough to “drive” the machine with an empty cycle with the addition of a special cleaner.

It is necessary to take care of the heater of the washing machine, but Calgon is not a panacea from all the onan problems. The need to add a caulgon to the washing machine will be very expensive and will not protect the machine from the impact of scale. economical to postpone not spent on the tool money and when breakdown immediately buy a new wash.

Chemical composition

Judging by the manufacturer’s information on the packaging, the composition of Kalgona includes:

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  • Polyphosphate (orthophosphate) sodium;
  • Soda;
  • Polycarboxylates. up to 30%;
  • Crystalline cellulose. up to 15%;
  • Polyethylene glycol. up to 5%.

The last two substances for the fight against scale formation do not have.

They are designed to give a substance of the structure (cellulose) and a pleasant smell (polyethylene glycol).

Active substances are sodium polyphosphate, soda and polycarboxylate. All of them are able to bind calcium and magnesium ions, which prevents the formation of carbonates and the appearance of a lime deputy (than to clean the washing machine-machine from scale).

In fact, the scale-forming substances in water do not change.

However, education, as a result of reactions with them of active components of Calgon, new compounds eliminates the appearance of plaque and its negative effects.

Important! The effect of the means is based on the binding of ions formed in water during decay under the action of stiffness salts.

On the already tempered on the surfaces lime flask, the remedy does not affect. If a scale appeared in the car, get rid of it by methods of chemical or mechanical cleaning.

For the means it is characterized by a pleasant light smell (due to the use of special substances. fragrances).

On the quality of removal of contamination with active substances of synthetic detergents (washing powders, paste and t.D.) Calgon does not affect.

The manufacturer declares its full security for the state of the environment and human health. not even rubber gloves for hand protection.

Cleaning washing machine Calgon

Before clenching a caulgon washing machine, it is desirable to explore the instruction attached to the purchased packaging of the cleaning agent. It specifies in detail, which dosages should be used, depending on the level of stiffness of tap water, and in addition, a convenient measuring glass of 96 milligrams is attached volume.

In the machine-machine Calgon should be filled:

  • One third part of the measuring cup (32 milligrams) during water, the degree of stiffness of which is average;
  • Two third parts of a glass (64 milligrams) with a high degree of water rigidity;
  • Full glass (96 milligrams), if in water pipes is very tough.
fall, asleep, calon, washing, machine, samsung

In addition to powder, a caulgon, produced in the form of tablets to use much easier. Regardless of the degree of water rigidity, one tablet should be laid when washing. Often, housewives have another no less important question. where to paint (placing pills or pour gel) Kalgon?

In the washing machine, there are usually several compartments and Calgon must be poured into the largest compartment. more often it is the average of the available, in the one in which the washing powder falls asleep. Alternatively, you can add it to the powder. Experts are not recommended to place Kalgon in the drum, where underwear.

Important: According to the manufacturer of the caulgon, the effectiveness of its use is stable only during continuous use.

Calgon is produced in three types: in the form of a gel, powder and tablets. The dosage of the means is also sold in different versions, which makes it possible to apply exactly so much Calgona as it is required and not to spend finances for excess.

Those who have too tough water, more convenient to use tablets. They help accurately comply with the necessary dosage. Powder is convenient because you can independently change the dosage, which is suitable in cases where the water used is not very tough. The composition of the funds, regardless of the gel it, tablets or powder the same.

In addition to the properties of changing the rigidity of water, Kalgon helps in the fight against the well-appear. It is the burned heating element that most often causes the repair of washing machines. Therefore, experts recommend using it for each washing, at least adding to the washing powder.

Calgon’s regular use allows:

  • Save the brightness of the linen, not allowing to settle on the tissue of scale;
  • Increase the quality of washing, dying even the most difficult to-outlaw spots, due to soft water and not spoil the fabric;

Conducted studies show that Kalgon is not as effective as advertised it. In its composition, it is similar to the usual washing powder, since it also contains, softening the substance, in particular. sodium polyphosphate. But he does not struggle with screaming, but only helps to prevent her appearance.

It is believed that this remedy is not-only useless, but may also be harmful, because, judging by the reviews of some owners who use Kalon, the service life of the machine is reduced as a result. The choice remains for the user, the advice of specialists carry only a recommendation.

How to use the tablet for cleaning the washing machine?

Put in the drum of a washing machine 2 tablets for a dishwasher and start an empty washing machine to wash up the laundry temperature of 60 degrees. So you remove the microbes, pollution and even scale. And your car will be completely clean again!

Put the tablet in the drum. Perform a cycle at 60 degrees (without preheaking). Perform this operation monthly. With severe pollution, it is recommended to use two tablets at once for the first processing.

How to replace Kalgon?

To extend the service life of the washing machine manufacturers advise the use of mitigating water when washing. Not only Calgon can reduce the rigidity of water, there are other similar means that can be used instead.

Many powders include components mitigating water. Still on sale there are special filters normalizing rigidity of water. They can be used instead of Kalgon. Acquisition and installation of such a filter has an advantage. Water with normal rigidity will be used not only washing machine, but also other homework.

Replace caulgon when washing, al is also capable of calcined soda. information about the properties of soda can be found in this material.

How to use a powder for cleaning the washing machine?

Push away the powder meat in the receiver for washing. Run intense washing with a temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius. After washing, turn on the rinsing mode. Be sure to clean the plum filter, since there may be slices of scale.

What you need to do: Mix soda and water in a small bowl, add a soda mixture to the tray to receive detergents of your car, and vinegar fill in the drum. Run the machine in idle at maximum temperature and for a long time. Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid is still easier.

Can I find a replacement of Calon

Many are interested, and whether there is an analogue of Kalgon and what can be replaced? Today, really created cheaper means of similar action. In this list. alfagag, anti-Nakipin, Nakipi, Luxus Professional, Vault. For example, with alphahagona, the cost of washing is reduced by 2 times. If the water softens with food soda (also the option!. 100 mg added together with the laundry to wash or the work on the “idle” go), then the costs are minimal.

In many houses introduced a tested folk agent. 9% vinegar poured half a cup in the compartment for the main washing and include the maximum temperature mode.

Cleaning effect and lemon acid gives. It is also falling asleep (60-100 mg) together with a washing powder. Cancer dissolves completely. For prevention, only 25 mg of citric acid is enough. Temperature in the range of 70-80 ° C. Washing without linen.

Summing up, we note that it is necessary to regularly use a calgrance or its analogues, respectively, dosage to extend the service life of the home assistant. Epizodically use this means ineffectively.