Where powder is loaded in washing machines

In the modern world it is difficult to present your life without special electronic technology, which acts as assistants to every day for many people. One of the most important representatives of household appliances is the washing machine. We ourselves get it out of a wide range of various brands of manufacturers depending on specific characteristics, or maybe you can give such equipment to people who are careful for us.

So this beautiful day comes when the washing machine appears at our home, and many hostesses begin to worry about its operation. The very first stage is passed, it is installed and the time has come to the first sample. Where to paint powder in a washing machine, how to fill the powder in a washing machine? Many people may be defined by these questions, but first you need to understand everything: how quantity and in which compartment it is necessary to place certain means for washing.

This article can find answers to all the questions you are interested in, as it contains the most relevant aspects of the use of washing powder.

Where to pour liquid and bulk powder in a washing machine: General recommendations

Get acquainted with which compartment you must pour detergents, you can directly in the instructions for household appliances. If it is missing for some reason, pay attention to the designations from the previous section.

Washing things with liquid detergent in those cases, if dry powders do not justify confidence. At the same time, it is important to know what precisely the tray compartment is pouring it:

  • A liquid bleaching agent or a healye-based stain pressure is placed in a compartment with a symbol I (1) or a. Such chemicals are designed for pre-washing clothes.
  • Liquid remedy in capsules poured directly into the drum of the washing machine and dissolves there. If you put it in the fillers compartment, then the capsule does not dissolve under weak water and does not penetrate the dirty linen.
  • The rash for washing is placed in the compartment with marking I for pre-wash or opening II for the main mode.
  • Liquid rinsers are always poured into the tank of the smallest size. On many models, it has an extra cover and is denoted by a blue color in which it has a small hole.

Bookmark of detergents in the drum

Wash the washing powder and directly in the drum machine-machine, which significantly saves its consumption. You can use this method when the water does not completely wash the container powder. However, this option is not suitable when used with colored granules. Powder can leave marks on light products.

Do not add directors and bleach directly into the drum. Aggressive substances that are part of the tools can damage the material and spoil the favorite thing.

Today, the chemical industry market offers a wide range of detergents that are designed for washing in the machine. Some innovative products differ significantly from the usual powder. The difference consists not only in the composition and structure, but also in the application.

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Innovative detergents are capsules compressable powder cubes and special napkins. They are put directly to the tank with dirty linen. Similarly, you can pour into a washing machine with liquid powder if a special compartment is not intended for it.

Modern detergents (capsules, gel) can be added directly to the drum of the washing machine

Where to paint powder in a washing machine

If the typewriter does not see the marking, you can navigate the size of the tray compartments. Fill the washing powder in the machine is needed in a larger tray marked “B”, “2” or II. Compositions in liquid consistency or washing solutions in the form of shampoos can not pour here.

What does confusion lead to?

Even constant use of the tray is not by the rules will not damage the washing machine. However, the consequences will not make himself wait, and the confusion with the dispenser will negatively affect the quality of the linen. Clothing is simply not detained, the dirty or soapy will remain.

The fact is that Candy depending on the selected mode and the cycle stage takes the detergent of a certain compartment. If you confuse the cuvette and, for example, fall asleep the powder in the bunker “II” instead of the required “I”, then the granules will remain intact, and the underwear in the drum scrolls inust. No better when the concentrate is poured into the department “”: the main wash passes in clean water, and the cleaner gets to things only when transitioning to rinse. As a result, clothing at the exit is dirty and soap.

It is necessary to correctly fill the powder acceptor. confusion with compartments will affect the as washing.

Fortunately, the damage caused is not serious. It is easy to launch re-washing, checking the filling of the dispenser or additionally rolling underwear. But in any case, for the allowed error will have to pay, both time and money for housing and communal services. The main thing is to notice the confusion, otherwise you can make a thing unattractive or bring yourself to an allergic reaction.

And what if you do not use the cuvette for powder?

Specialists carefully come up to this issue, preferring to agree with the opinion of manufacturers of washing machines that claim: powder to pour into the drum right on things you can not use the dispenser. And, indeed, there are quite concrete foundations so approve.

  • If you embark on the powder directly on dark things in the drum, there is a risk that the granular concentrated substance will begin to dissolve directly on clothing and as a result, white specks will appear on it.
  • If the powder is pouring under things on the wall of the drum, then at startup, part of the powder will float into the sewer with water, which pumps the pump from the tank. After all, from past styrics in the tank always remains water.
  • Some wash programs are designed for the fact that the powder will be washed out of the cuvettes gradually, portions, and not immediately. If you pour powder into the drum, then such programs will not be able to perform their function in full.

On the other hand, in the old models of washing machines, the cuvenics for the powder are equipped with extremely unsuccessful. Very often most of the detergent and remains in the dispenser, what is the quality of washing. What in this case do how to level the above deficiencies of falling asleep powder directly to the drum?

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First you need to get a special plastic powder container, which puts into drum machines. By the way, such containers are often supplied complete with a washing machine, but even if you do not have them, it does not matter. A pair of such containers costs only 1 y.E., So buy and use. At the same time, to improve the quality of washing, you can use special balls for washing.

note! The container has one compartment, you need to paint powder there. And its cover has special holes through which water falls into the container and dissolves powder, wash it into the tank.

So, where to fall asleep washing powder in the car so that it can normally dissolve. of course, in a special dispenser. This is in most cases. But, as they say, in exceptional cases, you can use a special container for powder, which you need to put directly into the drum, without forgetting to fall asleep in it. In no case should not paint the powder directly to the drum on things. it is fraught with a damage of things, especially black.

Where to pour air conditioning in a washing machine

Usually, if the retractable carriage has three compartments, as in the old Samsung or Ariston models, the air conditioner is poured into the average, the smallest. However, the newer model, the greater the subtleties. For example, Bosch is characterized by cells for liquid starch or rinse and a separation for liquid detergents.

Not all washing machines involve the use of gels.

In general, the cuvenics of different washing machines are similar.

Powder compartments in washing machines of different brands?

Famous manufacturers of washing machines compete with each other, trying to stand out among the total mass design and functions. Let’s consider the features of each brand.

How and where to fall asleep powder in the washing machine lg? These models are equipped with a retractable box of three parts. Two of them are intended for the wrapper, and fragrances, air conditioners, subsidizers are added to the third.


Bosch also divided the powder acceptor by making three cells. Liquid detergent and starch is added to the second. the usual powder. This should also add stains. The third is needed for air conditioning.


Indesit decided to stand out and make the whole four sections. The first is intended for soaking, in the second poured gel for laundry laundry and raw powder. There is a department for flavoring or softener, and in addition there is a removable design for adding bleaching.


Washing agent in Samsung models is added to a separate left cell. Gel fill the flask with the dispenser, which is not placed in the container, and in the tank itself.

6 (six) hours of washing machine sound, ASMR for falling asleep, calm and relax / BLACK SCREEN


The rinse compartment in the ELECTROLUX washing machine for some reason was located on the right, apparently for left-handed. A dry tool is laid in the central Gel is required to pour into the dispenser, and then send to the tank, since the design does not provide a special flap for fluid.

Hotpoint Ariston

Hotpoint Ariston is characterized by a semicircular cuvette. Right into it is laid dry powder, and if desired. any purchased gel. The instruction says that liquid powder is required only before turning on the machine.

If you are a happy owner of the Beko model, we will tell where to pour liquid powder in this washing machine. Opening the front panel of the powder acceptor, pour into the gel dispenser, and turn on the device.


Cell with an asterisk in Zanussi models for some reason is located in the middle. Left. cell to soak dirty things, right. the largest. for the usual washing.

Armed with theory and accurately knowing where to fill the liquid powder in a washing machine, and where to place the air conditioner, bleach and where, finally, fall asleep the powder, you can proceed to practice with solid confidence that you will do everything right. If you decide to use the liquid powder for washing, read not only briefing on the packaging of detergent, but also a book from washing, specifying all nuances of using gel for your model.