Air conditioner compartment in washing machine

Air conditioner makes things soft and gives them a pleasant fragrance. But to feel this effect, you need to know how to use a rinser with machine washing. If you apply an air conditioner for the first time, you can not always immediately understand where to pour it, especially if the guide to the car is lost. Our instructions will help dealt with this issue.

First, it should be understood that the rinser should be used only for rinse in linen, but not during washing. Therefore, pour it into a section for washing powder is incorrect. the tool will be wooing when washing and will not give any effect.

For air conditioning in the machine, there is a separate compartment, the location of which is different depending on the model of the unit. If you got a machine with a vertical load type, then the cuvette for detergents will be under the lid. In the models with the front load, the tray of the retractable and is located at the top of the left (in rare cases. right).

Where and how to reflit powder?

Powder receiver in the washing machine Indesit. a special retractable tray located in the upper left corner of the front panel. The tray is divided into three sections, each of which is designed for detergent used by the machine at a certain stage of washing:

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  • Compartment marked with Icons “I”, “1”, “A” is used in the case when the pre-wash mode is launched. This compartment can be fill in both dry washing powder and liquid, gel agents.
  • Compartment marked with “II” icons, “2”, “b / b” is filled with dry powder or liquid detergents used for the main washing.
  • Compartment with a flower or icon “” use for air conditioners, rinsing.

Since the softening agents are produced in liquid form, the compartment with the marking of the flower additionally has a fill limiter (division or mesh) above which the tray cannot be filled.

If for some reason the marking of the compartments is missing, so as not to be mistaken, where exactly you need to fall asleep (pour) detergent, you need to focus on the size of trays.

So the largest compartment in size is responsible for the powder necessary for the main washing. The average tray is used when starting pre-wash. The smallest compartment is needed if the hostess wants to improve the quality of washing with mitigating means, air conditioning and anti-static.

How to find out where to fill the rinser

Initially, it is worth understanding that adding a liquid tool for linen is unacceptable in the same tray in which powder pour. Rinse and washer. Different processes and for them are different trays.

For the rinser, a separate container is provided, which in different models of cars is located differently. In vertical loading machines, the cuvette is located under the lid, in the classic version of the container is most often in the upper left corner in the retractable box. All machines have 3 or 4 compartments for different means, and only one of them. For rinsing.

Read the instructions

The user manual is attached to all aggregates. It is clearly indicated which means and where to pour. If the instruction is lost, information can be found on the Internet. Enough to drive in the search string. Machine model. The necessary information will be available on any site in a separate section.

We are looking for yourself

Some machines are so old that the manual is not in the paper or on the Internet. In this case, you can search for the answer on the forums or contact the manufacturer directly. True, such measures will be required only to very pedantic people.

As a rule, it is not so difficult to find the rinse tray, because all containers in the box differ in shape, size, and sometimes even in color. In addition, there are conditional notation due to which it is easy to navigate.

Advantages of air conditioner for linen

In modern machine machines, 3 stages of washing are usually allocated:

Preliminary washing is used for very polluted linen and is an analogue of soaking.

The main wash is the actual getting rid of the contamination by repeatedly turning the linen in the washing machine drum.

Rinsing stage may include additional processing of things with a special agent. air conditioning for linen.

Such a means is made in the form of a fluid that is added to the machine-machine when washing.

It has a pleasant smell, softens the fabric and reduces the attraction of static electricity. Some hostesses note that things after washing with air conditioning longer remain fresh and not dirty, since they are covered with special compositions that repel dirt.

The main contraindication for the use of the rinse for things is allergic to the components.

The rinser balsam is recommended for the washing of bed linen, towels, native clothes (provided that there is no allergy), He softens the fabric, makes it nicer to the touch, makes it easy to iron.

Synthetic and woolen things when using air conditioner are electrified much less than usual.

Now the market has a wide selection of rinsing tools. To increase the efficiency of their use, it is recommended to select a means depending on the composition of the fabric, for example, the use of marking products “for wool and silk” will allow for a long time to maintain the structure of the fabric and will not allow things to attract static electricity. Air conditioners for children’s linen are distinguished by hypoallergenicity and lack of outsiders.

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You can use both ordinary and concentrated air conditioners. The recommended portion of the latter is usually less than 2-3 times, which makes them use more economical.

When filling the funds in a special container of the washing machine, it is important to clearly follow the recommended dose. Too small amount of balsam will not allow achieving the desired effect. The surplus of the air conditioner is difficult to leave the underwear slippery, soap and cause allergies. In addition, the excess of the level of fluid in the rinse container will lead to the washing of the part of the air conditioner in the process of the main washing and will reduce the action of the washing powder.

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Fabric softener

Our shops, markets and supermarkets are rich in a variety of household chemicals. Among them you can find air conditioners of various brands: “Velon”, “Lenor”, “Eared Nanny”, “Silan” and many others. Someone belongs to them disapproving, believing that air conditioners contain many chemicals. And someone loves the soft, fragrant smelling things that are so due to the rinse.

Add rinse for linen or not. choose only to you. And if you think this tool is necessary for you, then before you start using it, it is worth understanding where to pour the rinser in the washing machine, especially when you first turned on it.

Air conditioner compartment in washing machine

In various models of the device, trays for detergents and rinsers can differ significantly. To understand what compartment is the air conditioner, it is recommended to get acquainted with the instruction that is usually attached to the car. There are different situations, and the instructions at hand may not be for some reason. In this case, it is quite difficult to remember which the designations of the tray compartments are different models:

  • I, a or 1 is a compartment that is intended to add a washing powder or tool for soaking.
  • II, in or 2. the widest compartment in the tray, is provided for embeltance of the washing powder there, which is used during the main washing.
  • III, C, 3 or marking in the form of a flower. the smallest compartment in which the air conditioner needs to be pouring. This compartment may also differ from the remaining color, for example, blue.

Air conditioning is poured into the tray compartment until the washing began.

How to figure out where to pour air conditioning

For automatic washing, everyone got used to using powder. this is the main disseminating means after which things become clean. Whether air conditioning for linen. the question is individual. This is optional. the rinser is needed to give linen softness and additional freshness. In what compartment you need to pour this tool?

  • First, it should not be confused by air conditioning, for example, the firms “Lenor”, with a stain remover that can be poured into the drum when bookmarking the laundry in the car. This tool performs a completely different function, so adding air conditioning for linen in a washing machine only in a specially designed compartment in a container. If you pour it in advance in the underlining compartment, it will simply wash out with the powder, and after the thing will be performed in clean water.
  • Secondly, on some models of washing machines there are instructions on where to pour. If there are no prompts on the panel on the panel, it is necessary to find the instructions for this type of technology and read it. If the paper manual is lost, then this is not a problem today, since it is possible to find information on the operation of any model of the washing machine.
  • In extreme cases, it will not hurt to familiarize themselves with the universal recommendations for where to pour the rinser in the washing machine to help when working with the device of any brand.

Almost all models of styrall, where underwear is loaded front, on the right there is a retractable container for washing powder and other means. With vertical loading of the separation for powder and liquids, immediately under the lid of the device.

Several tips finally

Use or not to use air conditioning during rinsing, solves each individual. But if you prefer to use air conditioning, then you must comply with the dosage. In the compartment for the air conditioner of any washing machine there is a label that denotes the maximum number of the rinse, which can be pouring. It is impossible to exceed this label.

Using the air conditioning rinse for linen, pay attention to what it is, namely concentrated or ordinary. The concentrated rinser is poured 3 times less than the usual. For its best leaching from cuvettes, you can dilute such an air conditioner with water.

And another advice, after using the air conditioner, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the powder tray and holes through which detergents fall into the drum. If this is not done, then subsequently detergents will remain in the powder acceptance and will not fall into the drum.

As for the question of which air conditioning is better, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer. In general, most of them are universal and hide for all types of fabrics. However, there are air conditioners intended for products from wool and silk for products of black and t.P., as well as air conditioners for baby clothes. Such rinshals need to be applied to not be disappointed in their effectiveness.

So, we hope now it became clear where the rinser was pouring in a washing machine. Everything is simple. in a special compartment in a powder tray. This compartment is most often indicated by a flower. It is difficult to confuse with others, just be attentive!

Tips when using air conditioning

Pour air conditioning immediately before starting washing. Load things into the machine, and then fill it with the means for washing. But if you forgot to add air conditioning, this is not a problem. Before rinse, put the washing machine pause and add a tool to the appropriate compartment.

  • With caution, use air conditioning when washing children’s things: buy special hypoallergenic drugs if necessary.
  • Adhere to dosages prescribed in the instructions on the bottle. For the correct calculation of the amount of means, consider the weight of the washed linen.
  • Do not pour air conditioning above Tags in Kuvette. Avoid other extremes. a small amount of funds will not give the desired result.
  • Using concentrated air conditioning, reduce the dosage trip.