Is it possible to add white to machine machine

Is it possible to add white to the washing machine? The variety of detergents, whitening and stagnating means pleases, but also introduces. What and when to use? Is it possible to combine them, what to choose for manual washing, and what it is worth using on the machine?

Especially many questions occur when the bleaching. I want to get a clean, white thing, but at the same time save her strength, not harm your health and do not break the washing machine.

What are the means for washing and what they need?

The range of household chemicals stores is wide and diverse, and the counters with the tools for washing can be a huge amount of bright boxes and bottles. How to figure it out? You can highlight the main types of washing compositions:

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  • powders (designed for the main washing);
  • Forms in the form of liquids (washing gel, rinse, stain remover and air conditioning for linen);
  • Tablets and capsules (contain a concentrated tool for washing in a pressed form or gel).

No matter how much you use, pay attention to the amount of foam formed. If it is too much, it suggests that the dose of the substance is exceeded and it must be adjusted. As a rule, these recommendations can be found on powder packaging or gel.

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It is also important to choose for machine wash tools with a mark “Automatic” and pour or fall asleep the selected composition only in the corresponding tray compartment.

Where to pour bleach

Modern SMA has two compartments: for washing agent and bleach. Often, manufacturers also make another branch. the rinser is poured into it. So that the quality of washing was high need to fill them correctly.

The smallest compartment is intended for rinsing. Middle powder fall asleep when working “soaking” and “Pre-Wash”.

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In the largest powder, stains and bleaching powder.

Where to pour shampoo and liquid washing powders

Most often “shampoos” call funds for cleansing high-tech or fluff clothing, which has its subtleties in care. For the correct use, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the shampoo itself and directly washing machine.

Do not use in machines machines for head wash shampoos. They are ineffective for most types of pollution, soaked too intensively and can output your typewriter!

What is the peculiarity of liquid? Finding into the tray, they are literally immediately (without water participation) begin to drag in the drum. Some manufacturers are provided in the tray additional curtain. It serves to accurately calculate liquid means (as it has divisions), but in general, it also does not interfere.

In the machines with another structure of the tray of this curtain may not be. Then the users advise to pour a liquid tool into the main washing compartment already immediately before the start or use special containers that lay in the drum along with dirty clothing.

Sometimes manufacturers are forbidden to pour liquid means directly into the tray, so always carefully study the instructions!

What are three compartments in the washing machine

Now we already know why three branches in the washing machine: first. soaking, second. washing, third. air conditioning.

Where to fill the liquid powder in the washing machine?

In economic shops and supermarkets there were many gels with certain features:

Therefore, they are shown for people suffering from allergies, and healthy will also like to taste.

If you doubt where to fill the liquid powder in a washing machine, remember. there, where and the usual dry. For soaking beds and towels gels are usually not used. They are well erased by clothes in cold or slightly heated water. In any case, the use of liquid powder in programs above 60 degrees can not.

But you can pour a liquid gel straight into the drum, first of all downloading underwear. If it is too thick, then from the cell will be slow and surely sees it in a rinse, spoiling the whole type of clothing. And being in the main tank, it will be pretty able to open and work out during the stroke procedure. And you will not have any problems with white divorces.

But note that in the manual for some washing units it is stated that it is categorically not recommended to fill the liquid into the tank. So carefully study the allowance before operating.

Where to fall asleep powder in a washing machine

Where to fall asleep powder in a washing machine, knows every housewife. in the middle, the largest cell. But not everyone knows that it should be launched only after a thick closing of the compartment, and it is also impossible to allow the powder to spread across the edges.

When using pre-wash and rinse with the use of flavoring or softener, all means are laid in their cells at the same time.

Which compartment of the washing machine fill the air conditioner?

In some models, the air conditioner cell is divided by a partition. In one part pour air conditioning, and in the second. flavoring. If there is a trimmer fishing line with the MAX icon, try not to fill the tool above the norm. Too thickened air conditioners are preferably to dilute with conventional cold water, and then pour into the compartment.

Where to pour bleach in the washing machine?

For the bleach there is a cell with a label, above which it cannot be poured. It is not recommended to use white on white, as it can damage the details of the washing machine. It is better to take funds, which does not have chlorine.

Choose rinsing mode, and repeat it twice to get rid of the unpleasant odor. Whitening time. no more than 15 minutes, temperature regime. up to 45 degrees. If they decided to make bleaching of bed linen with tablets, it is advisable to throw not into the cell, but add to bedgel.

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Where to put the capsule for washing in the washing machine?

Deciding to kill and purchase capsules, add them to exquisite linen. Never try to add them simultaneously to the camera and the tank. spoil the washed pants and skirts and break the washer.

Where to fill the liquid powder in the washing machine

The average compartment with marks A, “1” or I, is designed to accommodate powder for pre-washing, gels and washing shampoos. You can also cast a bleach and stain remover, however, pay attention to that these additional funds must have a note about what is suitable for use in washing units.

Where to fill air conditioning in a washing machine

Means designed to give softness linen or compositions guaranteeing the anti-static effect are poured into the smallest compartment of the container. As a rule, it is marked with a flower or an asterisk, and sometimes. Softener’s inscription.

Many models meet a mark limiting the level. It can be a horizontal dryer for a trimmer with the inscription MAX. Pour air conditioner or antistatic need only so that its level does not reach this mark.

Powder compartments in washing machines of different brands?

Famous manufacturers of washing machines compete with each other, trying to stand out among the total mass design and functions. Let’s consider the features of each brand.

How and where to fall asleep powder in the washing machine lg? These models are equipped with a retractable box of three parts. Two of them are intended for the wrapper, and fragrances, air conditioners, subsidizers are added to the third.


Bosch also divided the powder acceptor by making three cells. Liquid detergent and starch is added to the second. the usual powder. This should also add stains. The third is needed for air conditioning.


Indesit decided to stand out and make the whole four sections. The first is intended for soaking, in the second poured gel for laundry laundry and raw powder. There is a department for flavoring or softener, and in addition there is a removable design for adding bleaching.


Washing agent in Samsung models is added to a separate left cell. Gel fill the flask with the dispenser, which is not placed in the container, and in the tank itself.


The rinse compartment in the ELECTROLUX washing machine for some reason was located on the right, apparently for left-handed. A dry tool is laid in the central Gel is required to pour into the dispenser, and then send to the tank, since the design does not provide a special flap for fluid.

Hotpoint Ariston

Hotpoint Ariston is characterized by a semicircular cuvette. Right into it is laid dry powder, and if desired. any purchased gel. The instruction says that liquid powder is required only before turning on the machine.

If you are a happy owner of the Beko model, we will tell where to pour liquid powder in this washing machine. Opening the front panel of the powder acceptor, pour into the gel dispenser, and turn on the device.


Cell with an asterisk in Zanussi models for some reason is located in the middle. Left. cell to soak dirty things, right. the largest. for the usual washing.

Armed with theory and accurately knowing where to fill the liquid powder in a washing machine, and where to place the air conditioner, bleach and where, finally, fall asleep the powder, you can proceed to practice with solid confidence that you will do everything right. If you decide to use the liquid powder for washing, read not only briefing on the packaging of detergent, but also a book from washing, specifying all nuances of using gel for your model.

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