Where to pour bleach in the washing machine lg. We fall asleep washing powder properly

Application of the air conditioner for rinse linen is not a molded procedure during washing. Some people treat him negatively, some air conditioning causes allergies, and there are those who do not know at all where to pour this tool.

Well, if in the car everything is intuitive and the manufacturer took care, signing the powder acceptor compartments, and if not? Therefore, it is worth dealing with what, or rather what a means where and when to fill.

Where to pour white in a washing machine?

If you started a slight wash, it is enough to pour a glass of white in the compartment located in the cuvette. You can add a washing powder if there is a need. If you pour bleach in the drum, then it is necessary to breed it with a small amount of water.

Soak things in cold water and download to the drum. When things are a bit, 250 g “Whiteness”. Open the cuvette and look attentively. where to pour bleach. It is allowed to fall asleep washing powder in parallel. if things are at the same time you need to wash.

Where to pour liquid washing powder?

When laying a liquid tool, remember: liquid powder pour into the compartment at number 2 (ii) b. In this department there should be a damper. If it is not provided, you can put the remedy directly in the drum.

Soak things in cold water and download to the drum. When things are a bit, 250 g “Whiteness”. Open the cuvette and look attentively. where to pour bleach. It is allowed to fall asleep washing powder in parallel. if things are at the same time you need to wash.

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Is it possible to use a bleach for colored things?

Do not use the optical bleachs for whitening! These funds, as well as chlorine, damage colored fibers fabric. If the ornament is applied to the fabric using the method of stamping or screen printing, for its safety when bleaching can not be worried.

Yes, no doubt the procedure is very effective. It not only eliminates the unpleasant odor, but also disinfects well and cleans the insides of the machine after all if you suddenly do you breathe a typewriter, then the smell of chemistry may remain on clothes. Better not put things in the drum immediately after such disinfection.

Where to fill a caulgon in a washing machine?

Calgon needs to be covered in the main (the largest) compartment. there, where powder falls asleep. You can simply add it to the powder. Pouring a substance directly into the drum machine, where underwear is laid, it is not recommended.

Vanish shampoo carpet cleaning sequence:

Evenly apply foam on the carpet using a regular sponge, while wetting the carpet with shampoo and water do not need. Wait until the foam dry on the surface of the carpet and thoroughly spend it with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Device of the powder of washing machines

Separate powder receiver is an integral attribute of any modern washing machine. Pretty large tray inside the lid lid cover is typical for models with top loading. Front machines most often have a powder receiver located in the upper left corner over the loading hatch. With the opening of the electric valve of the washing unit, water from the water pipeline enters the machine, leaning along the path of its following, which depends on the specific valve, powder from a particular cell. Standard powder receiver has several different sections. It is always important to understand where to fall asleep the powder in the washing machine, and where to add a bleach or starch. Each user must have a clear idea of ​​this, providing himself with a pleasant emotion from the washing process itself.

When solving such a task, you can focus on the size of the cells. For example, the largest compartment is the most popular and used for powder or liquid means for each washing. The narrower tray department is intended only for dry powder, which falls asleep in it when using a soaking program. For special means mitigating underwear at the rinsing stage, small cells are provided in the center, which in some models can be removed if necessary. Inside the powder receiver, each cell is marked with digits, letters and symbols that indicate their purpose. Most often, such designations have the following form:

  • Roman, Arab unit or letter “A” Indicates compartment for soaking, which is used in some intensive wash programs. It is recommended to add only dry powder into it. If the selected program of the machine does not provide for such steps, you do not need to fall over there;
  • Roman, Arabic two, as well as the letter “B” is always put on the main washing section, which is filled with detergents with any wash programs;
  • With the help of Softener’s inscriptions, the logos in the form of an asterisk, the flower label cells for funds that improve the quality of the fabrics at the rinsing stage.

Over time, these characters may be lost, but it can be understood in the purpose of each cell of the tray empirically.

To do this, choose the usual washing mode and turn on the machine with an empty drum, open powder tray. At the initial stages of washing, the electronic system will serve water in the cells that match the installed program. Therefore, visually on water intake can be easily determined where to pour powder in a washing machine. Many users may have the question of whether it makes sense to fall asleep the powder directly in the drum along with things for washing and does it make it a washing machine. Such actions are justified in the case of operation of old cars, provided that the quality of washing the washing powder when water is noticeably reduced. You can check this when opening a tray by opening it upon completion of a certain stitch stage. If a specific compartment is clean, then add detergents directly does not make sense. It is especially not recommended to experiment with aggressive substances of the type of bleach, since they can damage things when direct contact due to its concentration. On the other hand, modern funds in special shells are better placed in a typewriter together with linen, because in such conditions they will dissolve faster.

Powder receivers machines of different manufacturers

Different manufacturers in their machines use powder receivers of various configurations. Household appliances of the most famous firms have the following features:

  • In the washing machine LG smaller the size of the compartment under the number I is located on the right and is designed for the powder at the stage of soaking. On the left under marking II is the largest cell of the usual washing. In almost any LG programs, detergents are added to it. The third compartment marked with a flower and an asterisk is used for rinsing with appropriate means.
  • The Bosch German company washing an aggregate uses a fairly simple powder receiver, which consists of four compartments. Two larger departments accommodate powder for preliminary and main washing. And in two small cells are added starch, air conditioning, bleach, machining underwear at the rinse stage.
  • Gorenje washing machine uses a powder receiver consisting of three departments. Two are the biggest of them provide detergents soaking and the main cycle of washing. Little Third Cell Used for Air Conditioners, Starch, Bleach.
  • Reliable practical indesit machine has a powder tray of four sections. Tools for whitening, special tissue treatment, softeners, showers of stains are placed in removable small cells. Powder is poured inside the compartment of pre-wash and greater in the size of the section, which is used for all modes and is a department for the main washing.
  • SAMSUNG in the production of washing machines uses a powder receiver consisting of three ordinary sections. The cell located on the left is used for dry powder providing pre-wash. At the same time, the remaining detergents are recommended inside a special dispenser to lay inside the drum.

It should be remembered that for high-quality washing it is recommended to periodically clean the trays for powders. Modern household appliances with proper care will provide reliable assistance in solving household issues for a long time.

What compartment in the washing machine for powder?

I. compartment in a tray with such marking the smallest in size and is located on the right. Powder is loaded into it with intensive wash with pre-wigulation of linen. II. compartment in the tray with this marking is on the right. Serves to load powder with automatic washing in normal mode.

Use the appropriate water temperature for whitening things, remember that bleach is more efficient in warm water. Add clothes to a bleach solution. Allow clothes to be soared at least 15 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the clothes and allow her to dry.

Where to lay capsules with gel or washing tablets

Not so long ago, the household chemicals market appeared compositions for washing in the form of capsules or tablets. In the capsule, as a rule, there is a means in the form of a gel, and the tablet is a compressed powder, which gradually, layer behind the layer dissolves during the washing process.

Capsules and washing tablets are placed in a drum along with linen. If you put them in a tray, they will not have time to dissolve completely during the time the laundry is erasing and the quality of cleansing will significantly decrease.

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So that the wash machine serve you for a long time, as well as high qualityly cleaned the underwear, follow the rules of its operation and you will free weight while your assistant will cope with stains and mud on things.