Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period are absolute contraindications for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal requires the achievement of adult age. Patients up to 18 years old (but not younger than 16) need written permission of a parent or official guardian. Elimination of unwanted hair in this case is carried out in the presence of a parent or official guardian.

Types of laser hair removal

The type of laser epilation depends on the type of lasers used for it. Today they are four.

  • Ruby laser (used extremely rarely, since it is morally outdated) with a wavelength of 694 nm, which destroys the pigment of the hair and does not have a destructive effect on its follicle.
  • Alexandrite laser (popular) with a wavelength of 755 nm, which effectively removes hair of any color, growing on the skin I. IV photo.
  • Diode laser (popular) with a wavelength of 808. 810 nm, which can remove dark and dark blond hair on the skin I. VI photoTip.
  • The neodymium laser (due to the “aggressive” effects is applied in exceptional cases) with a wavelength of 1064. 1320 nm, which affects the pigment of the hair and causes coagulation (searches) of vessels that feed it follicle.

Know the length of the light wave is necessary to evaluate its absorption coefficient. Long-wave impact easily reaches follicle. On the one hand, it is good, and on the other, it means that its energy can absorb competing skin chromophores (melanin and water contained in tissues), which leads to a decrease in epilation efficiency. While short-wave radiation does not reach the follicle, weakly absorbed skin chromophores, but it is purposefully affected by the pigment of the hair rod.

If we compare the procedures on popular devices with each other, then the epilation of the Alexandrite laser is considered more delicate. While the use of a diode laser allows you to process darker skin and body.

The benefits and harm of laser hair removal

The use of laser technologies guarantees a long-term result that can be successfully maintained throughout life.

Among the explicit advantages of the procedure, these actual points can be noted:

  • Non-invasiveness. without damage to skin care;
  • Non-contactness. only laser beam affects the skin;
  • painlessness. the use of cooling and local anesthesia levels unpleasant sensations;
  • Sterility. Laser light energy demonstrates a bactericidal effect;
  • Universality. the procedure is suitable for women and men with any type of skin and hair color;
  • High efficiency. all unwanted hair is removed in the stage of active growth.

At the same time, in popular forums and social networks are actively discussed directly opposite information about the uselessness and danger of procedures. Her holding to the myths, reminiscent of the “horror” about the dangers of laser hair removal for the body: they say, it leads to the development of candidiasis (thrush), cancer and enhanced hair growth. Disprove these myths just. for this it is enough to have elementary knowledge in the field of medicine and human physiology.

Laser light energy has a pronounced bactericidal effect. Its impact is inactivating (destroying) pathogenic microorganisms, including fungi of the genus Candida, the active reproduction of which leads to the development of candidiasis.

Therefore, the negative effects of laser hair removal in the bikini zone are missing. In this case, there is a direct opposite effect: the absolutely clean field “norms”. Complete lack of fungal infection, which is confirmed by a polymerase chain reaction method.

Laser light energy does not provoke uncontrollable proliferation (reproduction) cells characteristic of oncogenesis. Its impact does not lead to the development of cancer! over, recently, the lasers are actively used in cervical cancer therapy, after chemistry and radiation therapy.

Laser light energy does not strengthen hair growth. After all, this process is controlled by hormones, which are produced in endocrine glands of the body. During the processing of problem areas, the laser does not affect them.

It is difficult to say on the basis of what such ridiculous myths, generating girls wondering whether laser hair removal is harmful to health harmful. Responding to him, it is possible to say with complete confidence that in the absence of contraindications and proper procedure, it does not carry any harm to the body.

What types of lasers are used with epilation for hair removal

In epilation, several varieties of laser can be used.

Ruby laser is very effective with light skin and dark hair color. Its beam penetrates the skin shallow. In the process of thermal exposure, unwanted vegetation is eliminated about 5 sessions.

Alexandrite laser is considered one of the most efficient devices. It is used in a large number of salons, since its effectiveness is quite high. If the procedure is carried out according to all the rules, there are no painful sensations and complications are practically excluded.

The feature of the diode laser is that it is able to penetrate the deep layers of the epithelium, due to which the maximum effect is achieved. However, the procedure is obtained longer. Effective when working with any type of hair.

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Neodymium laser allows you to achieve the most persistent and long-term (up to 5 years) epilation effect. Its main distinguishing feature is that the effect of the beam is directed directly to the Volley follicle and the vessel that feeds it.

How long does the effect hold?

After the course of the procedures, the hair will stop growing. But this does not mean that no longer bother you in life. For the perfect effect it is necessary to conduct a supporting procedure once a year. How many new hair can grow. depends on the hormonal background of the body.

On the eve of the ray of the expected epilation, the procedure is carried out on smooth skin without visible hair, including laser hair removal for men. Observe important rules without which the procedure is impossible, it will simply be effective:

  • You can not attend the solarium, the sunny beach is 15 days before the epilation and 4-7 days after.
  • It is impossible to be recorded on the procedure after the course of antibiotics of the tetracycline and fluoroquinolone group, only after 2 weeks.
  • It is impossible to carry out wax hair removal, shigaring, pull hair with tweezers 3 weeks before the procedure, only shave.
  • It is impossible to apply cosmetic products, tonic, creams, gels on the epilation zone 3 days before the procedure and after.

After the procedure, avoid sunlight and use SPF protection. If necessary, on the night, apply the cream “Bepanten” 5%. Refuse to visit the baths, saunas, baths for 5-7 days. Need to replace them with shower.

Laser face epilation: its features and advantages

Unwanted vegetation on the face. this is a problem not only men, but also women. Hair in this zone looks nonethetically and spoil even very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, in demand and effective ways to eliminate this problem. What is this procedure that there are contraindications and consequences, you will learn from our article.

Face is a business card of every person, and women especially. Which methods do not resort to modern fair sex representatives to get rid of unwanted vegetation. This is the use of razor machines, and the use of various creams for depilation and wax strips. That’s only after such ways to expose hair on the face grow faster and become even tougher.

Laser hair removal is a popular modern technique that is used not only women, but also men in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure is that the device is guided by the hair onion and the flash is flashing. Laser beam, passing across the hairs, reaches the bulbs and warms the pigment melanin in it. The hair follicle overheats and destroys. Through a small length of time, hairs weakens. It is worth noting that the adjacent tissues are not damaged.

Dr. Oz Investigates if Laser Hair Removal is Safe

The procedure of laser hair removal is not recommended to all. An important role is played by the patient’s color. This method of deliverance from unwanted vegetation is suitable for people having a natural hair color from lightly blond to dark.

The darker the hairs, the better they are removed. Very bright and gray laser will not remove, as they contain too little melanin necessary for the effects of the beam.

The device does not apply to all follicles. Some of them are not active, are at rest or growth. Therefore, to completely remove your hair, not one procedure will be required. The exact number of sessions defines a specialist depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person and its skin cover. Most women on average enough from four to nine procedures every 7-10 weeks.

Customers with sensitive skin noted that manipulation is absolutely painless. In rare cases, it is easy to burn. In such situations, the exposure section is treated with painkillers. The laser epilation procedure takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

Among the popular women’s zones for this manipulation can be allocated:

Types of lasers for epilation

For epilation by a laser face more often used Alexandrite and neodymium lasers.

Alexandrite laser (Gentlelase apparatus)

Ideal for removing bright and reddish hairs. The length of his wave is 755 nm, it is in the area of ​​maximum absorption with melanin. The beam of light heats the hair exclusively, not traumating the surrounding fabrics. It is suitable for skin treatment with high sensitivity.

Alexandrite laser processes a satisfied large area (up to 18 mm) for one impulse, so the doctor with one flash acts immediately into several hair follicles.

Another indisputable plus apparatus. leather cooling system before and after flash. When epilation by Alexandrite laser, an anesthetic gel is not needed. it successfully replaces the cryogenic liquid, which is served in small doses of the skin. As a result, the procedure passes painlessly and without risk of burns.

Does not affect melanin in hair, but on the supply follicle vessels. The wavelength is 1063 nm and in the laser beam there is an IR light. Neodymium laser is performed on all types of skin, including dark and tanned skin.

Its penetration depth allows you to remove even deeply seated hair. Also, as alexandrite, the neodymium laser has a cooling system and covers immediately a large region for 1 outbreak.

Possible complications after laser epilation

In advertising brochures, laser hair removal is often praised, it is said about its full safety and the absence of complications on the skin. Is it possible to believe it? Despite the fact that the procedure is careful compared to other ways to remove unwanted vegetation, it can cause complications in the form:

Burns may be provoked by the following factors:

A very high stream of energy is used;

The incorrect procedure technique is used;

Laser affects hypersensitive zones.

After laser epilation, an allergic reaction may appear:

It happens that the skin responds with allergic rashes in response to caring means or anesthetic. It is not recommended to continue the procedure if the cause of allergies is not clarified. After the skin comes to normal, you can continue the epilation sessions. For the treatment of allergies, antihistamine drugs are used, as well as glucocorticoids (topical forms).

The most common effects of laser processing is considered folliculitis, which appears after 2-3 days after the procedure. The reason for this complication is a bacterial infection that manifests in the form of red dots filled with white content. Skin is irritated and hyperemic. In addition, folliculitis often accompany pain and itching.

If, during the passage of the epilation course, a woman attended a bathhouse, a sauna or pool, the hair follicle can inflame.

It happens that this disease is observed in people suffering from hyperhydrosis.

Important aspects of the treatment of folliculitis, which appeared on the heads after epilation with a laser: You can not touch the zones of inflammation, it is prohibited to open education, it is necessary to eliminate scrubs and other coarse. In addition, you need to use only clean towels, not to apply cosmetics for inflamed skin, put on freshness of natural materials from natural materials.

having, hair, laser, epilation

The surface of the skin is treated with creams and solutions with antiseptic effect: “baccoban”, “Miramistin”, Levomycetin alcohol.

If, after a few days, the inflammatory process will not stop either the state will be worse, you need to contact the doctor for the diagnosis and appointment of treatment. It is impossible to take antibiotics yourself.

In order to avoid complications, it is not recommended to conduct a procedure if there are any contraindications.

How long does the effect hold

With the first session, not all hairs are removed. This is due to the specifics of the appearance of vegetation. There are three stages of hair growth:

All vegetation on the body passes these stages in different ways, so the laser beam destroys only those hair that are currently in the active phase. about 40%. For one session, just such a number of vegetation is removed, and to remove the whole, you will need to go from 3 to 7 procedures. The gap between them is about a month.

Fully smooth skin is preserved over the period: from 6 months to 5 years. It depends on the density, the thickness of hairs, their growth features. Since this area of ​​the person is considered a hormone-dependent, with the relevant problems, hair removal will not give a long-term effect. But in many cases, the excess vegetation over the upper lip is thinned, brightens, in the end disappears forever.

The laser epilation procedure of the upper lip is rightly recognized by the most effective. It allows you to eliminate the cosmetic defect, at the same time favorably affects the condition of the skin. The risk of complications is minimal, and in one session.

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