What to do if the air conditioner cools well and blow with hot or warm air

Air conditioning can work poorly on heating in case of contamination of the fan unit. In this case, a small amount of heat is often released from the unit. Often the cause of such a breakdown is the dusty of filters and fans in the summer. As a result of the seating on the details of the “decent” layer of dirt, their work is significantly deteriorated.

Self.washing under the running water of a mesh that covers the system helps to return the previous heating to the unit. It is easily removed, carefully washed, dries and mounted a second time on the device. By the way, to wash you can use in small quantities detergents that cope with many types of pollution.

Air conditioning may not warm the air due to clogging the heat exchanger with the following elements:

These particles prevent warm air freely pass through the gaps of the device. Banal cleaning helps to cope with these troubles. Enough with a brush with a soft pile to carefully remove visual dirt from the elements of the split system. Sometimes it is allowed to use a vacuum cleaner without a nozzle installed at low power. Such cleaning is able to save the structure from dirt where it is impossible to get a brush.

The reasons for the poor air conditioner

This problem is quite possible to cope on your own. It is necessary to open the cover of the internal unit of the air conditioner (usually it is held with plastic latches that open with a simple effort of the hand) and rinse the filters with running cold water (hot can deform them), after which install them in place.

The heat exchanger of the internal or/and outer blocks is polluted.

Particularly clogs poplar fluff and exhaust gases that form the film on the surface of the heat exchanger.

They can be cleaned with a high.pressure sink (Kurcher), steam cleaner, mechanical tools, special chemistry. Or order service.

the fan of the internal unit is contaminated.

The air conditioner must be disassembled and cleaned by the internal unit fan, for example, with a brush or a sink of high pressure.

It is required to refuel the air conditioner with a refrigerant in any convenient way, having previously detected and eliminating the cause of the freon leakage.

the fan of the internal/outer blocks does not work.

The reason for this may be a breakdown of the control board, starting/working capacitor, electric motor, and in the case of the fan of the external unit, there is also an interblord connection.

This valve is located in the external unit of the split system and is responsible for switching the operating modes of heat/cold. It can be replaced or replaced.

The compressor can jam, a breakdown of windings on the housing, inter.flip.closing or internal cliff may occur. The starting/working capacitor or thermorela, the so.called “tablet” can also fail. The condenser and thermorela must be changed, but in other cases, it is necessary to replace the compressor or completely external unit (the jammed compressor can be tried to “split”)

In inverter air conditioners, the compressor may not work due to the inverter power module.

Sensors can be closed whether they are closed or their resistance not to match the normal value, while the control board does not include the air conditioner or does not apply to the compressor, the sensors must be replaced with serviceable.

Low/high pressure sensors are faulty

In this case, as in the previous one, the air conditioner includes protection until the malfunction is eliminated.

The air conditioner with a clogged capillary will not work normally, so it must be cleaned with a press or soldered to a new one. The capillary tube can be clogged with moisture, which can be removed by vacuuming.

These are the most basic reasons that the air conditioner does not cold or does not work well, but even if the air conditioner works normally, it gives out a normal temperature at the exit, but at the same time it is not cool in the room, this means that it is not correctly selected. An additional air conditioner or air conditioner should be installed.

In any case, in order to repair the air conditioning, it is important to make the correct diagnosis and identify the exact cause of the air conditioner breakdown

The main elements of the split systems

The main components of the split system are considered an evaporator, capacitor and compressor. The refrigerant circulates between them. Freon usually acts in this capacity. The stability of the air conditioner is provided by fans.

There are additional elements: thermal attires, control unit, blinds. Modern split systems are equipped with electronic control boards. Thermals are installed both on the engines of the blinds and fans for the greater safety of the system. The indication module illustrates the operation of the air conditioner, informing why the air conditioner does not work. The package of modern devices includes the control panel.

The most common breakdowns

The most common problems are incorrect settings, radiator pollution and network voltage instability. The air conditioning does not work when pollution and failure of the main parts, a refrigerant leak.

Damage #1 Problem with power supply

Sometimes the voltage in the mains is enough only to turn on the fans. They start work, but without connecting the compressor. Therefore, warm air comes from the air conditioner.

Changing the standard, 220 V disifemes the technique. If the indicator is much lower than the required, the system must be disconnected until the power supply is normalized.

Electric transformers and stabilizers will help to secure air conditioning from regular “subsidence”.

Damage #2 drawback of freon in the system

Over time, the refrigerant evaporates, even if the equipment was not used for a long time. Then the air conditioner will take air from the street.

To determine the number of freon, it is recommended to call professionals. The supply is replenished at least two years old. When working in conditions of large temperature changes. once a year.

The problem of lack of freon causes a production marriage. Due to the compressor overheating, air does not cool the air conditioner. If the freonentral farming is damaged, everything will decide to replace the equipment with good. The refueling in this case is useless: the refrigerant will not cease to leave the system. Therefore, the place of breakdown is important to find and steal.

If the culprit of the problem has become an increase in the length of the route without refueling, it will take a refueling by freon. To prevent compressor breakdowns, due to the lack of a refrigerant, call specialists to inspect the split system, it is necessary to regularly.

Damage #3 Fan malfunction

The problem is found in systems working with overly polluted air. Sometimes the air conditioning has worked for 1-2 years does not blow cold air.

  • The fan bearing was jammed due to clogging and lack of lubrication;
  • damaged blades;
  • the work of the management fee is broken;
  • The fan engine failed;
  • The air flow path is blocked by a layer of dust.

It is often to determine why the air conditioner does not blow, it is difficult. You can only clean the grill yourself. If the engine is faulty, it must be replaced with a new.

Damaged parts are replaced by new. With extensive damage, the entire fee is changed.

Damage #4 failing valve

The problem is quite rare, but it is not easy to understand why the system has stopped cooling. Therefore, you can’t do without the help of a specialist.

Sometimes the master does not replace the valve, but only delete the part from the system. In this case, the air heating function is lost.

Damage #5 Zaror capillary pipeline

The tube clogs. stopping cooling or making it too weak. Freon boils, not reaching the evaporator. The breakdown is indicated by the ice and constant mode of operation of the compressor with minimal stops or without them.

It is necessary to appeal to specialists: only the use of professional equipment will eliminate the blockage. Sometimes, so that the air conditioner stops poorly cold, hydraulic cleaning is required.

does, conditioner, cool, freon, leak

Damage #6 Compressor malfunction

The signal of the problem is the work of only one fan. Freon does not circulate through tubes. Repair and replacement of the compressor relate to expensive procedures. The use of the air conditioner is possible only in the case of the master of jammed parts by the master.

Otherwise you have to change the part to the new. If the wear of other details of the external unit is serious, it is more reasonable to replace the entire block, if the compressor failure is caused:

With a malfunction of the start.up capacitor, the operation of the system engine is impossible. The breakdown of the working capacitor is understandable for the termination of the compressor operation immediately after turning on. Due to the fault of the thermallane, the compressor does not work. All details can be replaced independently.

After replacing or repairing the compressor, it is necessary to replenish the refrigerant supply. Air cooling air conditioning is available after the equipment triggering.

Damage #7 failure of sensors

When crashing sensors, the system does not work stably, turning on only for a short while. Codes are displayed on the display, meaning failure of any of the three sensors.

The compressor receives a command to stop working, despite the fact that the desired temperature indicator is not reached.

Damage #8 Electronic Poem Frame

Damage to any electronic component leads to malfunctions in the operation of the system.

You can independently fix only local malfunctions: replace the capacitors that have become unusable of the relay or signal amplifiers. With more serious malfunctions, you need to change the fee entirely.

The air conditioner will drive warm air too slowly in the room due to the cessation of supply to the internal fan.

Near the compressor in inventory split systems there is another fee. Its failure leads to the termination of the motor.

Frequent reasons

Frequently asked questions that can be found on the network with owners of cooling equipment-why the split system works, but does not cool the air in the room. The repair specialists on the basis of their experience have prepared a list of the most common reasons that leading to such problems. All these reasons are listed below in this material.

Pollution of the filter system

Consider in this section why the air does not cool if the system functions normally. When regularly working equipment begins to supply warm air masses into the room, this is the signal to the owner of the device that the filtration system of the internal module is required. If you do not urgently do such a cleaning, this will lead to the failure of an expensive device.

Taking heat from the room, the evaporator begins to work on the principle of a vacuum cleaner, which absorbs all the dirt settling on filters. The cooling system gradually begins, as a result of this, warm air comes out of the air conditioner.

Most modern equipment models themselves notify their owners about the need to clean filters, showing the code of the corresponding error on the screen. It is quite easy to clean the grate of dirt. Carefully dismantle it and wash it under a stream of running water, and when it dries, put in your place.

The lattice of the external module is polluted

The outer unit is operated in even more aggressive conditions. Dirt, fluff, exhaust from cars along with rain, snow clogged with snow, creating a rather strong film that prevents the normal passage of clean air. You can clean the grill from pollution using detergents yourself or order it in a specialized company.

Polluted fan of the evaporative system

In this case, it will require disassembly of the internal module to get the necessary access to the devices of the device. You can clean it yourself with a simple clothing brush (light pollution) or use a detergent (strong pollution). During the cleaning, care must be taken. Otherwise you can damage the fan blades, which will have to be replaced with new.

Small volume of freon

Modern cooling equipment works at the expense of freon, which belongs to flying gases. During operation, he evaporates from the air conditioner. In addition, depressurization of the pipeline and gas leakage often occurs. The reasons for lowering the amount of refrigerant in the system are improper transportation or installation of the device. Another possible reason for this is associated with incomplete rolling of the circuit in the factory.

You can identify a point leak and get rid of it only using special devices. Contact the employees of the Center for Climate Technology, they will quickly correct the problem and refuel the air conditioner with Freon.

Fan or external module breakdown

The reason for the failure of this element can be different. The most common of them:

  • the launch capacitor is broken;
  • polluted by different deposits of the module grille;
  • failure of bearings and other mechanisms;
  • improper functioning of the control unit;
  • The electric motor is broken.

These problems can lead to the fact that the system does not cool, and the fan begins to blow hot air into the room. To get rid of such troubles, it will require disassembly of the module. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to contact specialists, as they will quickly determine what is the cause of the malfunction and quickly eliminate it.

The positional valve is broken

This device is located on the outer block and is required to switch the air conditioner from cooling to heating. If the valve fails, then the equipment no longer cools the air, but goes into heating mode itself. The specialist will be able to repair this system, but in reality it will simply be cheaper to replace it.

The compressor works incorrectly

The air conditioner cools the room poorly if its compressor is: retreats, the winding will break through the body, the internal cliff, the thermallane or the launch capacitor will fail. Without normal compressor operation, the system will not be able to normally fulfill its direct duties. The capacitor and thermallera is able to change. When the compressor re.seized, you will have to completely replace the entire block, since it will not work to repair this element.

Damage to regulators

All climatic devices have pressure and temperature sensors. A very large number of split systems of the Chinese brand Chigo is currently sold and operated. Such widespread among users is associated with the low cost of equipment of this manufacturer. So, for example, the CHIGO air conditioner most often breaks due to the closure of the control board. Because of this, she cannot transmit the signal to the compressor so that it starts.

If any CHIGO split system does not work, then the protective system is turned on immediately. When it is triggered, the air conditioner does not drip, since the electronics turned off the cooling function. Only a master can identify a breakdown of these nodes, which has special devices for diagnosing.

Periodic service. a guarantee of normal air conditioning

By purchasing air conditioning, most people do not really think that it will be necessary to service such a system periodically. Why should this be done:

  • If, due to improper operation, the air conditioner stopped blowing normally, then this is not a warranty case. The poet corrected this problem will be a paid service;
  • Regular maintenance is required to maintain the normal productivity of the device. If climatic systems are not service, then sooner or later they will fail. Do not be surprised that because of this they will blow hot air, and not chilled;
  • In order for the equipment to retain its resource and avoid unplanned repair of expensive equipment.

Naturally, without periodic maintenance, the life of the air conditioner is reduced. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The peculiarity of the blowing fan of the system is that during operation it sucks dirt inside the device. Without periodic cleaning, it will score all the nodes and mechanisms of equipment. With a significant amount of pollution, cooling is possible only when the device compressor is operating with almost no stops. And this can lead to the fact that the device will fail quite quickly.
  • Also an important point that must be taken into account. the guarantee applies only to factory marriage or incorrect installation. All other breakdowns are made at the expense of the owner of the technique. Therefore, the prevention of the cooling system will avoid them and save expenses for unplanned repair.

We will briefly tell what masters from the service center usually do. Many of us know that equipment owners are allowed to clean or replace filters if the air conditioner is poorly blowing air. The service includes the following:

  • The fan cleansing so that the air conditioner does not buzz and supply the air normally;
  • diagnosis of electric nodes;
  • Cleaning a thermal exchanger and drainage.

In certain centers, air conditioning maintenance is carried out twice a year (with the onset of spring and after the end of the summer). Only in this case, the system to serve for a long time, supporting a normal microclimate in the apartment. For the air conditioning to work normally and last much longer, it is necessary to monitor it and conduct periodic maintenance.

Air conditioners, like any other complex technique, do not like amateurs. Not one of the most advanced split system, a window air conditioner, an autonomous monitor device is insured from faults and failures. But an experienced doctor should treat the disease, not an illiterate healer. If your climatic system does not provide normal cooling of the room, it works unstably, pushes the air with jerks or spontaneously turns off, professional malfunctions are needed.

Read more about how to find out why the air conditioning cools poorly and how much repair it costs from Klimatlab specialists on the repair site of the Contracurator.or by phone 74993504676. If Fanchoil cools poorly, then on the site of the repair rooms.If the problem is with the chiller, then on the website of the repairman.article on social networks:

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Conclusions and useful videos

This video describes an example of servicing an internal unit of a modern split system:

Each breakdown has its own reason. In some cases, the malfunction can be eliminated by only cleaning the filters or a grate from dirt. Therefore, it is advisable for each owner to know how to properly serve a split system.

But, in all other cases, the skills of diagnosing and repairing such complex technology as split systems are required. Masters will make work as quickly as possible and with a guarantee of the performance of the device.

Want to supplement our publication with useful recommendations for the diagnosis and repair of split systems? Or noticed a discrepancy in the above material? Please write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the block under this article.

If you have problems with the split system and you can’t determine the cause of the malfunction, ask for advice from our experts-we and other visitors to the site will try to help you.

One fix for air conditioner freon leak

The main elements of split systems

The fan is designed to increase heat transfer speed. The use of this part in the internal and external blocks can significantly reduce the dimensions of the device.

Therefore, a significant part of the consumption of electricity lies on these elements. Each manufacturer of climatic technology is working to reduce the level of fan heating during rotation, reduce their size and noise level.

The compressor is designed to drive a refrigerant. Freon in a state of gas is supplied to the capacitor. Since this gas has low pressure, the compressor compresses it. From this the temperature of the gas increases. A substance entered the external block quickly gives heat and acquires a new physical condition. liquid.

In this state, he enters the evaporator in the inner block. Freon evaporates, which allows you to reduce the air temperature in the room. Further, in a gaseous form, the refrigerant again enters the compressor to perform the subsequent work cycle.

From this we can conclude that the compressor is the most loaded element of split systems of all types.

External unit split systems

The fan is occupied by the largest area in the external unit. But, most of the work is done by the compressor. After the warranty period of equipment, it is necessary to closely monitor the performance of this element

There is a heat exchanger in both blocks of a split system. It is designed to accelerate the process of heat transfer. Without it, the transition of the refrigerant from a liquid state to gaseous and vice versa, would be too long.

The larger this element, the more efficiently the heat transmission is carried out. To save useful space inside the case, manufacturers resort to the following solutions:

  • put the phone with a “snake”;
  • develop their own chemical compositions of copper alloys, which allow you to increase the speed of temperature transfer;
  • use additional gaskets in the gaps between heat exchangers.

Since the air passes through the heat exchangers from the street and the room, it can clog the phone over time. This also happens if the air filter has not changed for a long time.

The freon wire is needed to move the refrigerant in the split system. It is made of copper. In this climate technique, the freemonon pipeline uses two types:

Why the air conditioner began to cool poorly

Air conditioners lose their ability to quickly and efficiently cool the air for various reasons, which are not always possible to determine without the help of a specialist. Consider the most common causes of such a malfunction.

Why does the air conditioner cool the air:

  • filters or fan of the internal unit are contaminated;
  • The heat exchanger is contaminated in the internal or external module;
  • clogging of the capillary tube;
  • not enough freon in the system;
  • refrigerant leak;
  • fan malfunction;
  • breakage of the 4-codal valve in the outer block of the split system;
  • compressor failure;
  • temperature sensors are faulty;
  • Damage of pressure sensors.

The regime is incorrectly selected

Before looking for a breakdown in the system, you should first check the settings of the unit. There are many users who have difficulty using the control panel. Often these are people of the older generation, unfamiliar with technical innovations.

  • Incorrectly set mode. Instead of cooling, the system can be launched for ventilation or heating. This is evidenced by the universal symbols of the icon. “sun” during heating, “snowflake” during cooling, “drop” during drainage or “fan impeller” for ordinary air circulation.
  • The temperature parameter is incorrectly selected. If the room is 28 °, and the size of 26 ° is chosen on the remote control, then even with good operation of the split, the microclimate in the room will change slightly. For more efficient cooling, it is worth choosing a temperature that differs by 5. 7 ° by that now in the room. What to do. Experiment with the settings of the climatic unit. Perhaps the optimal selection of mode will solve the problem.

Before starting to search for problems in the operation of the device, it is worth making sure that the high temperature is not related to external factors that do not depend on the technique:

  • Work period. In the hot season, I want to make it not so stuffy in the room, so it is easy to forget that in order to cool the room, the air conditioner needs 10 to 20 minutes. The time for which in the room becomes cool depends on factors such as the size of the room, temperature outside and inside the house, equipment power;
  • Compliance with the power of the equipment and the size of the room. When choosing a device, it is important to consider its performance in relation to the room in which it will be installed. This rule is often neglected by purchasing equipment for a large room, designed to cool a small room. over, the mismatch of power often becomes noticeably not immediately, but only with the onset of especially hot days;
  • Lack of isolation. The equipment will not be able to lower the temperature to low values ​​if the room has a tributary of warm air from the street. Open windows and doors, as well as working ventilation systems, are assigned to the device an excessive task. it barely manages to cool the air, as it is replaced by new, warm;
  • Obstacles on the air of air masses. Curtains or blinds partially pushed to split systems and furniture standing nearby can violate the circulation of air masses in the room, as a result, preventing it. As is known from physics, the basis of normal cooling operation of the split system is the heat transfer between the freon, which is a liquid or gaseous state, with the environment. One of these heat exchangers is on the street and gives heat or cold to the atmosphere. Another, in the inner block. provides cooling or heating the room. The worse the heat transfer happens, the weaker the air conditioner will work for the cold (as, indeed, for heat). Deterioration is usually associated with pollution of the copper-aluminum surface.

Doing This Will Make Your Car’s AC Blow Twice as Cold

This is inevitable as a result of two main factors:

The surface of the heat exchangers to improve the process is made ribbed and in design resembles a car radiator. Tubes and channels are connected by plates, which are dressed from one another with rather narrow slots. Dust clogs this space according to the principle of a chain reaction: some fibers cling to others from the air.

Both heat exchangers are blown by fans. As a result, a continuous stream is created, which, as a vacuum cleaner, delays all the dust in the room, and it besieges on a copper radiator. On the street to this is added poplar fluff or dust from a neighboring construction site. What to do. Clean the split system regularly. Planned cleaning should be carried out at least once every two seasons, and preferably every year. In order to fully process the surfaces of heat exchangers, it is recommended to use a high pressure washing or a professional steam generator.

Inappropriate settings

If the technique cools the room poorly, it may be due to two reasons:

High temperature is set in the equipment settings. In order for the room to be quickly filled with coolness, you should choose the lowest, and then install a comfortable.

The parameters selected the option of the fan. This mode is responsible for the circulation of air masses and does not affect its temperature. In this situation, you need to put a cooling mode.

When the split system heats the air, it is worth checking if the heating option is turned on. If so, it is worth switching it to cooling mode. This is relevant only for equipment that has the function of heating.

Blocking the filters of the inner unit

Step.by.step actions to clean the filters of the internal unit. The blocking of the filters of the internal unit is characterized by a low degree of cooling of air masses. Including you can notice how the device begins to leak or freeze. This is due to what dust, wool and hair tend to accumulate on the plates of the heat exchanger, due to which the radiator does not give a good enough cold.

Solution: do filter cleaning. To do this, remove the block cover, remove the filters and rinse them under a stream of cold water. About how to remove the cover correctly, you can read in the factory instructions.

Other reasons why the split system does not warm

Sometimes air conditioning can start behaving strangely.

There is a heating mode, the device does not blow at all, but in the cold mode everything is in order

If the air conditioner does not warm, but cold, the reason is that he needs to warm up before work. The heating time can be different, depending on the degree of pollution, temperature outside the window, the level of freon. On average, it’s 10-15 minutes. If during this time the device has not earned, you need to call the master.

The heating mode has been set, but the split system does not open the grill and does not want to work

If the air conditioner does not warm the air, the reason may be that the temperature outside the window is below recommended. Protection from use in the cold is triggered. The operating instructions indicate the temperature range allowed for the air conditioner.

does, conditioner, cool, freon, leak

The device works on heat in normal mode, but cold air occurs periodically

When the air conditioner works for heating, heat is taken from the external unit. As a result, it is covered with ice. In such a “fur coat”, the system cannot work normally, so gets rid of icing. The cooling mode is launched, the external unit heats up and thaws, and then the heating is turned on.

does, conditioner, cool, freon, leak

Is it worth using the air conditioning to heat the room

The use of a cooling structure for heating the room has a number of advantages:

  • A sufficient amount of moisture remains in the air;
  • carbon dioxide is not released;
  • Thermal return is greater than the amount of consumed electric energy;
  • Microclimatic conditions improve in the room.

But along with advantages, there are certain negative points:

  • Significantly reduced the life of the air conditioner;
  • The oil thickens faster, its characteristics worsen;
  • The efficiency of the device becomes less than the nominal value;
  • the risk of failure of the cooling device increases.

The heat transfer of equipment for air conditioning is quite high and economically reasonable. Modern models are able to work at low negative temperatures. But they are only an addition to the main heating system.

Problems that can be eliminated independently

The sign is the probable cause of the event
Air conditioning cools the room poorly. During the initial tuning, too high temperature was chosen. In order to accelerate cooling, you should initially select the minimum temperature, and then switch to comfort temperature. Corrected by adjusting the cooling mode.
The air conditioner is not cooled. Air conditioning operates in “Fan” mode. In this case, air masses are driven through the equipment, without involving a cooling subsystem. Switch to cooling mode.
Warm air from the air conditioner with the “heating” mode. The heating mode is erroneously included. Switch to cooling mode.
Not effective cooling. The presence of leakage, freezing of the internal block. Filting filters. During operation, dust particles, hair and fine street garbage cover the plates of the heat exchanger and put on the filter system. As a result, the heating capacity of the evaporator is disturbed: the radiator does not quite effectively cool the air. When a large amount of garbage in the inner block is accumulated, the evaporator pipe covers the ice. Drainage clogged with garbage causes condensation and the appearance of a “drop” from the inner block. In accordance with the instructions, open the housing cover. We take out filters and carefully wash them under running water. We install well.cleaned filters back. Attention! Rinse only with cold or warm water! Boiling water deforms filters. Are afraid to perform these manipulations yourself. call the master.
Does not cool and inaudibly the work of the compressor of the external unit. Pollution of the radiator of the external unit. Accumulated dusty layers, street dirt, fluff make the rotation of the fan blades make it difficult to rotate. This reduces cold production due to a violation of the heat exchange of the capacitor with the environment. The compressor shutdown can occur as a protective reaction to overheating. General cleaning in the external unit is required. The best option. Use the steam generator. The effect will give simple cleansing with sponge or brushes. When placing an external unit on the upper floors, it is safer to attract a professional trained in height manipulations.
Air conditioning blows warm air inside the apartment. The compressor of the external unit does not constantly work, or comes to life for a couple of minutes and turns off again. Insufficient voltage in the mains. At low voltage, the rotor winding overheats, and the engine is disconnected by a protective heat relay. The problem will solve the installation of the relay controlling the voltage level. It is installed separately, or supplemented with stabilizers.

If the listed measures did not help and warm air still comes from the air conditioner, then complete professional diagnosis is required. Only a specialist in the service center can fulfill it.

Problems requiring service and repair

External manifestations of malfunctions are similar, but their cause is in wear or breakdown of parts, mechanical damage and pronounced clusters of dirt inside the block.

The sign is the probable cause of the event
Silling cooling. The presence of leakage, freezing of the internal block. Filting filters. During operation, dust particles, hair and fine street garbage cover the plates of the heat exchanger and put on the filter system. As a result, the heating capacity of the evaporator is disturbed: the radiator does not quite effectively cool the air. The accumulation of a large amount of garbage in the inner block leads to the formation of ice on the tube of the evaporator. Drainage clogged with garbage causes condensation and the appearance of a “drop” from the inner block. Removing and cleaning filters. To clean the fan and evaporator, the entire inner unit plugs the entire inner block.
At the end of the winter period, with sufficient power of air flow, poor cooling. Probably a decrease in freon levels. Up to 7-8% of the refrigerant is lost from a fully closed system during the year. Climate technique needs to be conducted annual cleaning and topping the level of freon. It is necessary to normalize the level of refrigerant.
The power of the air flow is maintained, but without reducing the temperature. The continuous operation of the compressor of the external unit, without a noticeable reduction in the temperature of the air stream. Later, the motor begins to work non.stop and the air conditioner loses its cooling function. An error code may appear on the monitor. pressure reduction. The refrigerant leak is likely. With a decrease in the refrigerant level, the compressor of the external unit stops turning off to rest. With a further decrease in the level of freon, the system produces warm air. The motor does not turn on at all. The most frequent causes of leakage are the weakening of the joints of connecting pipeline blocks and destruction in the area of ​​connecting seams. The repair specialist determines the places of the likely leak. Carries out measures to seal leaks, vacuuming the system in order to eliminate air bubbles and fluid. At the last stage, the equipment is seasoned with a refrigerant.
The intensity of blowing is satisfactory, the compressor of the outer unit noisy without interruptions, but cooling is insufficient. There may be freezing of the pipeline on the segment in front of the evaporator. Clogging of the capillary pipeline. As a result of capillary thrombus, the pressure difference at the input and output of the channel increases. Which leads to a partial boiling of Freon, part of the cold does not reach the evaporator. Lost Cold Production Equipment is trying to make up for the continuous operation of the compressor. If the lumen of the capillary pipeline is completely blocked, the circulation of the freon is absent and the compressor works idle. without cooling the air. Partial ceiling will be eliminated by pushing air under pressure on the tube. To remove pronounced clogging, hydrowning or special solutions are used. In complex cases, the tube is cut out and the new.
The system ventilates well, cools unsatisfactory. The compressor of the outer unit sometimes turns off. The clogging of the external unit. Clogging the heat exchanger, fan with dust, fluff. Reduced heat transfer equipment is trying to make up for the continuous operation of the outdoor unit motor. The master is flushing and cleaning the radiator.
Hot air comes from the air conditioner, despite the established cooling mode (for models equipped with heating). Defect of the four-lane valve. The valve located in the outer block is jammed in position. “heating”. Valve is adjusted or reinstalled. If the heating mode is not planned to be used, the valve can simply fall out. After that, the equipment will only be able to cool.
At the output, the air of temperature comparable to room. The compressor is disabled a few seconds after the start or does not start at all. The malfunction of the compressor of the external unit is due to jamming, a breakdown of the winding, an interval circuit or a complete cliff. When determining the jamming. hold measures to blame. In other cases, the compressor replacement is carried out. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire external unit.
In case of malfunction of the starting or working capacitors, the engine does not start at all or turns off after a short operation. A faulty capacitor is changed to a new.
Damage to the thermmorele of the compressor of the external unit. The relay provides engine thermal protection. The compressor power supply is blocked, so it does not start. Replacing thermorele.
Despite the high temperature in the room, the air conditioner is activated for a short time and is disconnected. Blowing cool, poorly chilled air. The code of the corresponding error may be displayed on modern models. Damage to the termistor or thermal attemptor. Placed in the inner block, the sensor is designed to control the temperature in the room. When registering low data, cooling is disconnected ahead of schedule. Replacing faulty sensors with new.
Damage to thermal attews of the capacitor or evaporator. They ensure the setting of the system for various cooling modes. With a malfunction of the sensors, the system is turned off earlier than the required temperature is achieved.
With normal blowing, cools weakly. The compressor of the external unit works without disconnecting until the protective thermallane is reached when overheating. Fan breakdown in the outer block. The most common reason is dust accumulation. The system tries to compensate for the continuous operation of the compressor. The overheating motor is disconnected by protective thermallane. The motor is replaced or the entire fan is entirely.
Immediately after turning on, the air conditioner produces only warm air. The connection of the blocks is interrupted. When the external unit is turned off, the functioning of the internal unit resembles the operation of a simple ventilation device. A similar defect is more common in old models. New models are usually disconnected and give out error code. Contact connections are subject to verification to restore the performance of the external unit.
Damage to the control board of the internal unit. The reason for jamming, breaking through, burning out elements that start the compressor or fan. Funny details are subject to loss and replacement. With significant and multiple damage, the entire control unit is subject to replacement.
The failure of the inverter module. As a result of the breakdown, energy is not supplied to the compressor. A failed module is replaced by a new.