Principle of procedure and care after laser hair removal

Care after laser hair removal is very important to obtain the desired effect. In case of non-compliance with elementary rules, complications may arise in the form of allergic reactions and painful sensations.

To get a silky on the sight and touch the skin, you need to understand that after the procedure it is possible, but what can not. To rejoice in the result, and not eliminate negative consequences, it is important to take into account contraindications and implement the recommendations of the cosmetologist. This is our article.

Epilation and Sun

After receiving a dark shade of the skin, women seek to put their body even more, giving him the perfect smoothness. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair, one of the safest and painless is considered laser hair removal. It allows you to give the skin smoothness for several sessions. Experts are not recommended to postpone the procedure before summer, since tan and epilation are poorly compatible.

Artificial laser and real solar rays are similar in their influence. They launch melanin production mechanism, which paints the skin into a dark color. But the laser affects only pigmented sections. Therefore, together with the removal of hairs, which contain the coloring agent, the laser hits tanned skin. As a result, burns may appear and pigment spots.

The same applies to the effects of the sun after epilation. The skin is injured by a laser beam, its sensitivity rises. If immediately after the procedure appears under the scoring sun, there will be burns again.

Cosmetologists are advised to sign up for laser hair removal sessions in the cold season. The impact of the Sun on the skin in this case turns out to be minimal. In addition, the body is always protected by clothing, so the occurrence of burns and other unpleasant consequences is impossible.

Laser epilation of contraindications and consequences

Modern technologies of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are focused on making procedures safe, with effective and not requiring daily interference. But every organism has its own characteristics and nuances. Like many cosmetic manipulations, hair removal with a laser has contraindications. Most of them are not connected with the very specific use of the laser, but with side effects. Since there is an increase in temperature at the point of exposure to the light beam and the subsequent destruction of the follicles, the incorrect procedure or ignorance of the cosmetologist-dermatologist features of your skin can lead to burns or internal damage. This is a rarity, as a professional will immediately explain to you in what cases it is undesirable to do laser hair removal and how dangerous to health this procedure.

  • Skin diseases (any nature, including eczema, herpes, psoriasis)
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Blood coagulation problems
  • diabetes (with it all the processes of healing and recovery pass much slower, they can be fraught with inflammation)
  • Abundance of Moles in the Hair Removal Area
  • phlebeurysm
  • Photodermatitis

Laser hair removal and oncological diseases are also not compatible.

In addition to nuances with skin, there are general states, during which laser epilation sessions are not recommended. The benefits and harm from them will be incomparable. Qualified specialists advise to refrain from the procedure (or simply transfer it) if you feel unreasoning, recently got the flu or anneasium or suspect a basic cold or ORVI. The body’s response in such cases may be unpredictable, it will perceive such an impact as another stress.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the reception of hormonal drugs, painkillers and antibiotics, this is also contraindicated. After laser hair removal in this case, unpleasant burns can be expected, since the latter, for example, strongly affect the body’s response from laser flares and suppress the growth of living cells.

Well, of course, pregnant and nursing mommies better postpone the procedure.

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Our doctors often ask the question: is it worth making laser hair removal during thrush. This is delicate and sometimes very unpleasant illness is not included in the list, where strict prohibitions are listed for manipulation, that is, it is not mandatory for refusal. But, nevertheless, this is an inflammatory process, weakening the body. If with this ailment you are planning a procedure in intimate places, our advice to you: refrain. Unfortunately, the beautician conducted by the procedure may not properly do with your thrush, since often external symptoms may not be absent. Hair removal with a laser in such a situation can injure the mucous membrane even more and reduce the protective functions of the body.

So, we switched to the list of contraindications concerning the harm of laser hair removal in intimate places. In fact, there is no separate list. Recommendations for procedures in the bikini zone similar. Just need to take into account that the skin is more sensitive there.

Possible side effects of laser hair removal

Negative organism reactions on the laser can very often occur for the following reasons:

non-compliance with the procedure for preparation;

Invalid diagnostics of the Customer Phototip Cosmetologist;

impossible, laser, hair, removal

Burning. With laser removal of unwanted hair over the upper lip, there may be burns that appear after the procedure. The cause is the overheating of the skin. Despite the fact that the laser affects the depth of only 1-4 mm, the heating of the skin occurs rapidly. Fast natural cooling in this case, the following situations may prevent:

The length of the client’s hair exceeds the permissible norm;

Radiation rates do not comply with the standards;

The skin is not treated with a refrigerant.

Black spots. If black dots appeared on the skin on the skin, this suggests that the procedure was effective. Such celebrations. burnt hairs, they may arise from customers with excess and hard hair that are most resistant to laser influence. If there is no desire to wait 2 weeks before the disappearance of blackpoints, you can use the means to remove the Badyagi based on them or make another procedure.

Acne. Appements that appeared may be due to the following reasons:

Ingrown hair is a common phenomenon after any kind of unwanted hair removal;

infection (virus or bacteria) in the presence of wounds and cuts;

Itching and irritation. Easy discomfort during the procedure and immediately after it. a normal phenomenon. However, if the unpleasant sensations do not stop several days, and painting and irritation occurs on the site of the treated zone, it can be assumed that the presence of a negative reaction to the light impact. Most often it happens in the zone of deep bikini and passes on their own in a couple of days. In this situation, it is recommended to exclude aggressive cleansing agents from its care, for example, scrubs. It is better to give preference to pharmacy cosmetics in which there are no parabens and dyes.

Pigmentation. If the client does not know about any health problems, as well as if the laser was incorrectly set up during the procedure, I can have pigment spots after it.

Synyaki. If subcutaneous bruises do not cause pain when pressed on them, then this is a sign that the epilation was performed on tanned skin. In this case, it is not necessary to take any additional actions, it is worth it to wait, and the problem is allowed independently.

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Folliculitis. So called the inflammation of hair bulbs. Most often, this phenomenon takes place when removing unwanted hair in a deep bikini zone. This contributes to excessive sweating and humidification of the skin after a session contrary to the recommendations of the specialist. To avoid folliculite, it is necessary to monitor the hygiene processed zones and refuse to visit the pool and the gym for several days.

Currently, the laser epilation service allows you to get rid of unwanted hair in just a few sessions.

In dreams about the perfect smooth body, women sometimes forget about contraindications. It may negatively affect their health, because laser hair removal is a serious procedure. The fulfillment of the recommendations of the cosmetologist will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. In the case, if the laser impact you are contraindicated, you should not despair. science is developing rapidly, and every year the beauty industry pleases us with new quality services. Consider other ways to remove hair that are suitable for you.

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Laser hair removal

You can remove hair with a laser at any time of the year, if approaching the procedure is responsible. The main thing is not to make laser hair removal directly before leaving the sea, since the hair can continue to fall out for 2 weeks and it is not recommended to go to the procedure immediately after returning from warm edges. The fact is that in tanned skin contains quite a lot of melanin (as in the hairs to which the Alexandrite laser affects). It increases the risk of burns.

So, the basic rules of laser hair removal in the summer:

Before the laser epilation procedure must be held at least 2 weeks from the moment of active tan

After the procedure, it is impossible to sunbathe 2 weeks.

After laser hair removal, it is necessary to use sunscreen in open areas of the body within a month.

If you can not independently determine the degree of your tan, come to a free consultation on laser hair removal to the clinic “Laser Doctor”.

Tan and laser hair removal

Since laser hair removal is worse on blond hair, cosmetologists are not recommended to sunbathe during the preparation for laser hair removal. To effectively remove hair, it is necessary that a pigment present in the hair onion. If radiation gets into the skin, the melanin contained in the hair absorbs it. This is accompanied by the release of a large amount of thermal energy.

Thus, the process of destruction of the hair follicle is launched. Since the point of application for laser radiation. Melanin Volin, if there is a fresh tan, Melanin in the epidermis competes with melanin hair and can “pick up” a large part of the laser energy flow. Corollary. Burns and infringement of pigmentation.

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After laser epilation, it is also worth withstanding the period without tanning. Cosmetologists are recommended to refrain from sunbathing for two weeks.

However, hitting the skin of ultraviolet in the city is often inevitable. In this case, it is necessary to use sun protection tools not lower than 30 SPF.

Skin care before and after laser hair removal, as well as during procedures

Laser hair removal, albeit, is gentle and safe way to remove hair, but after it, the skin should receive the necessary care:

Within 6 weeks before and after it is important to abandon sunbathing and sunbathing in solarium.

Preparations for laser hair removal provides for the refusal to receive drugs with reflective effect, and drugs that dilute blood.

Within 6 weeks before the procedure, you can not resort to other types of epilation: Shugaring, Vaxing, using the epilator or tweezers, as they remove hair with the root. Otherwise, the laser will not be able to recognize the hair onion.

Within three days after epilation in the zone where the hair was removed, massage and rubbing should not be done. Also need to abandon the adoption of hot baths and visits to the sauna. This slows down recovery, and high temperatures negatively affect irritated skin.

3 days before epilation, it is impossible to use cosmetics, which includes stimuli, for example, alcohol.

For the period of laser hair removal, you can not attend the solarium and use cosmetics for auto market.

So, the procedure should be approached more responsibly as cosmetologists and patients. And then laser hair removal, the consequences of which will be insignificant, will delight high efficiency and cause a desire to leave only the best reviews.

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The consequences of improper skin care after the first epilation

Cosmetologists are not in vain recommend not to injure irritated skin after laser hair removal hot water, ultraviolet and incorrectly selected cosmetics. Otherwise, the epidermis has undergone illuminated treatment can heal much longer, and it will not look too beautiful.

So, non-compliance with the correct care after the first epilation by the laser may lead to the following consequences:

    The appearance of red or brown spots on the skin;

If the listed symptoms do not pass a week later, even subject to skin care rules after epilation, it is important to contact the beautician who has conducted a procedure, or a dermatologist.