What to do if the thermometer crashed

Detailed instructions for those who do not know how to collect mercury and what to do next. The list of incomplete errors is attached.

Mercury is metal. But not ordinary, very flying. This means that at room temperature of mercury, found out of the container (the same thermometer), it starts to evaporate quickly. Evaporation fall into the air, and from there in lungs. Accumulating in the body, mercury compounds cause poisoning.

Hazardous health is so great that in 2013 WHO recommended replacing mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers in the health system. Technical guide to abandon the thermometers and other medical devices based on mercury.

Poisoning may not appear immediately. To the body accumulated a toxic dose, takes several days or even months. The most common symptoms of mercury and health are weakness, general ailment, loss of appetite, metal taste in the mouth, trembling in the fingers, headaches and throat pain, reinforced salivation, nausea, vomiting. As you can see, they are easy to write off on stress, fatigue or poisoning of other etiology.

But if mercury continues to accumulate, more serious problems appear: the nervous, digestive, immune system suffer, the work of lungs, liver, kidneys and other internal organs is disturbed. Sometimes it ends with death.

Important! If the thermometer crashed in the presence of a small child or an animal, there is a risk that they could swallow a brilliant mercury ball. Most often it is safe I Just Broke a Thermometer. What do i do? : Mercury is not absorbed from a healthy digestive tract in quantities that could cause poisoning, and is displayed with the feces. But consult with a pediatrician or veterinarian and watch the condition of a child or a pet still stands.

Checking a vacuum cleaner on mercury.

We often bring homework to check on in her places emissions vapor mercury.

Simple indicator tubes on mercury are triggered for 5-10 pumping, telling us immediately that such a vacuum cleaner is a danger in the house.

No, no one will definitely poison, and thank God!

But on well-being such cleaning in the apartment will be reflected.

In other words, find out the mercury vacuum cleaner or not we can help.

What we can not. it is to persuade you to put a dear device to you in no residential premises and no longer use it in a dwelling.

Mercury in a vacuum cleaner does not really do to the health of households.

What to do with a vacuum cleaner if they were collected mercury

No need to rush and immediately throw out the equipment. To begin with, it is necessary to find out whether dangerous evaporations from the vacuum cleaner are present. This is done with the help of special tests (stripes):

  • Disassemble the device fully and put it in a polyethylene bag of large.
  • Striped test Put inside chemical reagent up.

If there is an invalid accumulation of poisonous vapors, the test for two hours will become gray. Then you need to spend a test on the individual details of the vacuum cleaner. For example, remove the filter and the bag for collecting dust and already in a separate package to spend the test. If the strip again acquired a gray shade, then there are two options. throw out the vacuum cleaner or clean it yourself, what to do is not so easy. You can also call the service whose specialists will carry out the necessary tests and will make a conclusion, whether the vacuum cleaner is suitable for further use. As a rule, the challenge of experts is not expensive and accessible to everyone.

With the help of the same strips you can spend a test and indoors. To do this, place the test in all rooms, and after a few hours, evaluate the result.

Mercury gathered with a vacuum cleaner: consequences

Typical situation: households broke the degree, assembled with a vacuum cleaner visible mercury particles and washed the floors using household detergents. Visually it may seem that the room is completely clean, because all metal balls are removed. In fact, the elements of the damaged thermometer can still be in hard-to-reach places, in sex creations, under plinths. Ways to detect mercury pairs independently. The substance does not smell or colors.

broken, thermometer, assemble, vacuum

Many are interested, is it possible to gather mercury with a vacuum cleaner completely. Unfortunately, the cleaning of a poisonous metal using a useful household appliance only aggravates the situation. The air, circulating in the vacuum cleaner, gradually contaminates the evaporation of the jadochimicate all the apartment.

How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work Its Common Failures

Specialists of the environmental service know how to determine the presence of mercury vapors in the room with maximum accuracy. Evaporation measurements are conducted in milligrams for a meter cubic air. For accurate analysis, a special gas analyzer that is sensitive to poisonous metal pairs is used. The obtained indicators are compared with the values ​​of the maximum permissible concentration set by SanPIN. Ways to determine the mercury pairs at home.

Services of the company “Eco-expert

Service workers will hold detailed advice on the phone, what should be done in case of damage to the thermometer. While the owner of the premises performs recommendations, the operational group is already sent at the specified address.

  • guaranteed result of cleaning air and all items from mercury and poisonous gases;
  • The vacuum cleaner, in case they were cleaning the liquid metal, it will not be necessary to throw out, as the company’s specialists will neutralize metal, which will allow to use safe techniques in the future;
  • the possibility of round-the-clock circulation, in the case of the mercury straight in the house;
  • The presence of professional devices that accurately determine the locations of mercury and the concentration of vapors in the air.

What then do with a vacuum cleaner?

Maybe there is hope that the toxic metal is not penetrated into it. Check using a strip test:

  • It will be necessary to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. All parts that can be divided separated.
  • Get dust collector.
  • Disassembled parts with a test strip put in a large polymer package. The analyzer should be higher by 15-20 cm than parts of the vacuum cleaner
  • It is important to remember, lay a strip must reagent up.
  • After 1-6 hours check the analyzer. If the test strip acquired a light gray shade. the level of evaporation is significant.
  • Clean the dust collector, filters. Test repeat.
broken, thermometer, assemble, vacuum

New test needs a new package. Old accumulated fair number of vapors, and check will not give reliable indicators. In the case of unchanged data, in the absence of filters and a dust collector, the vacuum cleaner can still be saved. But this is the last method. You can use it if nothing else remains how to dispose of equipment.

How to process a room in which mercury was collected by a vacuum cleaner

If in the room was spilled mercury, and it was collected by a vacuum cleaner, in the air and on all surfaces there will be microparticles of this hazardous substance. To protect the living space, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning every day. Chlorine products should be used as a detergent solution. The most affordable and at the same time very reliable option. whiteness. It is bred in the ratio of 1 l of 10 liters of water. It is necessary to wash not only the floor, but all other free surfaces. To protect yourself during these cleaning, you should wear rubber gloves. A solution of potassium permanganate or economic soap can be used as neutralizing mercury.

For cleaning should be used whiteness and rubber gloves

The room should be aircraft every day, as long as possible and more often, no matter what the weather is in the yard.

If you buy a new vacuum cleaner, it is not possible to use damaged better not indoors. But this is possible in a private house. In the apartment, use such advice: before cleaning, hold the included vacuum cleaner in the air 20 minutes. During this time, the concentration of dangerous vapors will strongly decrease. Built-in filters on such a vacuum cleaner must be changed more often than usual, about every 10 inclusions. 100% of cleanliness and security will no longer be, but with each ventilation, the concentration of evaporation will decrease, and will subsequently will strive for zero.

How to recognize poisoning?

Acute poisoning manifests itself a few hours after contact with mercury. Among the symptoms are distinguished:

  • general weakness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • migraine;
  • Painful sensations when swallowing;
  • bleeding gums;
  • vomiting;
  • Metal taste in the mouth.

In rare cases, the chest begins to hurt, chills and shortness of breath appear. Body temperature rises (sometimes to forty degrees). The faster the mercury will be collected, the less likely to poison.

Advice! The first assistance of the victim is the reception of absorbents and abundant drink. Need to immediately call a doctor.

Immediately signs of poisoning are noticeable only at high concentration of substance. Under the concept of “high concentration” understand Mercury more than 100 μg per cubic meter. And is located in the room will take several hours. But unpleasant consequences can give themselves to know in a couple of years after contact with mercury.

Chronic poisoning causes predisposition to mental diseases, liver and hypertension. In women, in addition, the menstrual cycle is broken or the course of pregnancy is heavier.

Broken thermometer. not the reason for panic. If you act strictly according to the instructions, there will be no trace from toxic mercury.