Elimination of malfunctions of the air conditioner compressor

To understand that the coupling of the carcontacle is faulty, you should pay attention to the fact that the air becomes burned and when the coupling rotates, any extraneous noise occurs. By the way, the last feature indicates damage to the bearing. It is worth mentioning that the coupling of the air conditioner at the beginning of its work emits a characteristic click indicating its adhesion and the beginning of movement. In this regard, if the coupling did not make a characteristic click of clutch, the problem is most likely not in it.

Most often, the bearing is faulty, since it is the most vulnerable part of the air conditioner.

This is due to the fact that it is constantly in work since the car engine is turned on. Because of this, the bearings wear out. As a result of the wear, the bearing often makes a noise that the driver can hear in the engine compartment. However, it is worth saying that noise can be different, sometimes it can even resemble a howl. It is better to notice and eliminate the malfunction immediately, since the more neglect it will be, the more the mechanisms surrounding it will be affected, for example, the evaporator of the air conditioner. So, faulty and worn details are best changed immediately after the moment of their discovery. You can do this in our workshop

Typical malfunctions and their signs

Most often, you have to face two basic breakdowns: wear of the pulley bearing and a malfunction of the electromagnet. A characteristic hum, which is constantly heard, regardless of whether the air conditioner or not, is heard about the destruction of the bearing.

If the bearing is not replaced on time, the pulley play may occur. In this case, it will touch the clamping plate, making an unpleasant rattle and the smell of burned adhesion.

If an electromagnet is out of order, then the plate is not pressed to the pulley and, accordingly, the compressor shaft does not rotate. Sometimes this is accompanied by smoke and smell of burning insulation, while the fuse is burned out.

Diagnosis of clamping coupling

The clamping coupling is necessary in order to ensure reliable adhesion of the pulley of the compressor of the car air conditioner with its shaft. The rotational moment is transmitted to the pulley using a drive belt, this movement is broadcast through a clamping coupling to the compressor shaft. As a result of this, it begins to function and creates the necessary pressure in the car air conditioner system. The plate clamp is carried out due to the force created by the electromagnet placed inside the pulley. With an air conditioning not turned on, the power is not supplied to it, and therefore the clamping plate does not rotate along with the pulley, since it is not pressed to it. A special clamping plate is installed only on electromagnetic couplings.

As soon as the pressure in the air conditioning system increases, the load on the clamping plate increases, since a greater effort is required to ensure adhesion. The electromagnet is designed for certain values, and therefore high.quality pressing the plate to the pulley is made in a certain working range. Accordingly, when the maximum pressure value is exceeded, the pressure plate can periodically slip, this causes the rapid wear of the friction layer on the pulley, which is responsible for reliable adhesion to the plate.

As the friction layer wears out, the plate begins to slide more and more often on the pulley. The consequence of this is the overheating of all the details that consists of an electromagnetic coupling (clamping plate, electromagnet, pulley bearing), and they gradually fail.

If the bearing is the first to “dies”, then the situation with overheating of other details is seriously worsening, since friction increases. With excessive overheating, the isolation of the electromagnet may melt, and if moisture, it can burn out if it gets on it. In addition, various damping rubber elements are installed on the clamping plate. As a result of exposure to elevated temperature, they are destroyed, and the clamping coupling fails completely.

Thus, if you notice a malfunction of the clamping plate in a timely manner and replace it, then the breakdown of other components of the electromagnetic coupling can be avoided. The cost of the clamping plate is only 2000-2500, and in unpertable car services they often seek to change the entire compressor assembly, which is much more expensive.

Most of the clamping plates are presented in our catalog. When choosing a clamping plate, it should be borne in mind that this spare part is not catalog, so it is selected according to the model. For accurate selection of the clamping plate, you need to know the following dimensions: the total diameter of the clamping, the number of slots of the seat, the depth of the seat (length of the slots).

Since the failure of the clamping plate occurs due to an increase in the load, before replacing the part, it is necessary to find out the reason for this. The most common of them are:

  • external pollution of the radiator of the car air conditioner;
  • dust pillow between the main radiator of cooling and the condenser;
  • incorrect operation of the air conditioning fan;
  • wear of the pulley bearing;
  • “Bracing” air conditioning compressor.
  • Another reason for the growth of the load on the clamping plate may be an overdose of freon, but in practice this is quite rare.

The methodology of independent diagnosis of a clamping plate of a coupling with an electromagnetic drive

If the compressor of the air conditioner is placed in the engine compartment in such a way that the outer part of its pulley is visible, then you can independently determine the malfunction of the clamping plate. First you need to inspect it for the presence of rust. If the condition of the clamping plate is much worse than the condition of the pulley, it does not have a paintwork and there are traces of corrosion, then it probably works with a strong contrast of temperatures: it overheats greatly when the engine is turned on and quickly cools when it is turned off when it is turned off. In principle, there is nothing wrong with cooling, but overheating affects the integrity of the paintwork of the plate, which is quickly destroyed with this mode of operation.

If there are obvious visual defects such as melted rubber, distortion of the plane of the plate, then this clearly means the need to replace the clamping plate.

If when the air conditioner is turned on on the working engine, the plate does not begin to rotate, then this means that it is not primagnetized to the pulley, in this case, most likely, the electromagnet is faulty.

Diagnosis of the electromagnetic coupling of air conditioning

Diagnostics should begin with the inspection of the coupling compressor of the air conditioner, t.to. This is one of the most subject to the mechanical effects of the elements of the system.

In an electromagnetic clutch, the clutch with a pulley occurs using a clamping plate: at the time of turning on the air conditioner from the car interior, it is attracted to the pulley, broadcasts rotation to the compressor shaft, and the air conditioning system begins to work.

If, when the air conditioner is turned on, nothing happens, cold air does not start to go from the air ducts, then the system is faulty. T.to. The system of the carcontacle is quite complicated, its performance depends on many nodes, therefore accurate and competent diagnostics. recipe for success!

Diagnostics should begin with the inspection of the coupling compressor of the air conditioner, t.to. This is one of the most subject to the mechanical effects of the elements of the system. This article is about an electromagnetic clutch, so you also need to make sure that the coupling is electromagnetic, and not constant engagement.

So, we open the hood, find the compressor, check the condition and integrity of the drive belt, we make sure that the coupling of the compressor is electromagnetic (wire will approach it). Next, you need to determine whether the clamping plate is attracted or not. To do this, start the engine, ask someone to turn on the air conditioner in the car and carefully observe the clamping plate. If at the time of turning on the air conditioner the clamping plate is not primed and did not start to rotate. This is already a suspicious moment and the malfunction can be hidden here.

Next, it is necessary to exclude the signal break and check if the voltage comes to the electromagnet. T.e. It is necessary to remove the chip of the wire suitable for the clutch and measure the voltage on the incoming wire with the engine and the compressor turned on.

If the voltage comes, but the plate is not primagnetized, then the electromagnet is faulty. In this case, it must be replaced by an electromagnet with a new one (its cost is about 4000). You can choose it in our catalog in size. https: // xn80aegealydebe2ar0e8d.COM/Zapchasti/Podshipniki/

If it turns out that the reason for the breakdown in the electromagnetic coil, it is necessary to find out the reason that caused a break in the coil of such reasons can be several:

  • Short circuit of the winding of an electromagnetic coil. In this case, if the clamping plate has no visual defects, then you just need to replace the coil.
  • Overheating of the pulley. Because of it, the isolation of the electromagnetic coil may melt, the conductors will be exposed, and when moisture gets, the winding may burn out.

If the electromagnet is out of order due to overheating, the condition of the clamping plate will indicate this:

In turn, the reasons for overheating can be:

Overheating is the case when a particularly thorough diagnosis is required and clarifying its cause. If, without understanding the cause of overheating, change the electromagnet, then it will again fail after some time.

Coldmaster hoses. official documents

Very often we are faced with the question that when immersing the hose into the water there are bubbles

Checking the car conditioning system

The car conditioner works on the principle of a household refrigerator, Freon is refueling in its sealed system. When purchasing a used car, the buyer should make sure that the air conditioning system works normally, but often the future car owner does not know how to check the compressor of the air conditioner. In this article, we will consider how to make sure the compressor is working, what characteristic malfunctions are characteristic of it, what to do if the air conditioner does not work.

How to check the coupling compressor of the air conditioner

The most reliable way to check the air conditioning system is diagnostics in a specialized car service, but the buyer does not always have the opportunity to check the serviceability of the car at the maintenance station. Often the seller to the question of whether the air conditioner works evasively:

  • The system works, only Freon was not refuel;
  • One of the tubes burst, it needs to be replaced, and so the air conditioner is in order;
  • The belt was removed for the winter, as it broke.

All answers of this kind should be alarming, since the main reason for the malfunction of the air conditioning system is the failure of the compressor, it is this part that is the most expensive in the air conditioning system. In the compressor, the clutch is primarily out of order, so it should be checked by its performance.

How to check the coupling compressor of the air conditioner? We do the following:

  • Turn on the air conditioner button, the inclusion indicator should light up;
  • During inclusion in the engine compartment, a click should be heard, so the coupling is connected to the compressor itself.

It is advisable to conduct a check together. one of the participants presses the button, the second person looks under the hood how the coupling is connected to the air conditioner. When the compressor is turned off, only the pulley rotates on it, and the clamping plate remains in place. When the air conditioner is turned on, the plate to the pulley occurs. the drive hub begins with it, therefore, a distinct click is heard.

conditioning, clutch, does, work, compressor, repair

It should be noted that such a check is not valid for all cars, on some modern models the plate rotates along with the pulley, and the connection with the hub occurs inside.

AC Aircon Air Conditioning Clutch Gap Free and Easy Fix

There is a car of complex design with many additional units, and it is difficult to consider the compressor coupling in the subsidiary space. But in any case, you should focus on the click, during the primagnetization of the coupling, it should be heard.

If the click is not heard, most likely, the coupling does not turn on, and this indicates a compressor malfunction.

There is another way to check the work capacity of the coupling, for this you do not need to run the engine. We check as follows:

  • We mock the engine, disconnect the power from the compressor, disconnecting the plug;
  • We connect the plus terminal of the battery with the connector on the compressor with the wire, at the time of connecting the clutch wire should work. noticeably how it moves, and at that moment a click is heard;

In this way, you can check the coupling even without a freon in the system, still a working coupling should move with a characteristic sound.

Checking the performance of the compressor of the car

You can check whether the compressor itself is working using a manometer, but the check should be carried out in a specialized car service on special equipment:

  • We connect the installation to the car conditioning system, start the engine;
  • We turn on the air conditioner, look after the testimony of the pressure gauge, the pressure on the device with a good compressor should grow;
  • If the pressure rises, the compressor is in order, and if there are malfunctions in the system, they must be sought in other elements of the air conditioner.

How to check the oil in the compressor

When the compressor works, the oil circulates according to the system, after turning off the air conditioner, part of the oil remains in it. Check the oil level in the compressor as follows:

  • We give the air conditioner to work in cooling mode for about twenty minutes;
  • We check the oil level in the compressor through the viewing window. it should be at the mark above the lower point, but above 1 \ 8 of the height of the viewing window;
  • In this case, the oil should not be foamed, and if this happens, probably there is a leak of freon, which should be eliminated. If the oil is higher than the norm, excess must be removed from the system, at a low level, the oil must be added.

How to check the operability of the air conditioner Renault Logan

If the air conditioner does not turn on or it does not cool enough, you need to diagnose the air conditioning system. First you should check the pressure of the gas (freon), the check is carried out using a special pressure gauge. There are fittings for installing the pressure gauge, they are almost on the bends of the tubes in the right sidewall area.

Also, the presence of a refrigerant can be believed by clicking on the valve in the fitting, which is located under the cap. If the air conditioner is normally refuel, when pressing the valve, the gas under pressure will leave the system, it will beam.

If the gas does not come out, there is a leak in the system. it must be found and eliminated. After eliminating the freon leakage, the system should be seasoned with gas. There are methods of self.refueling air conditioning by freon, but it is still recommended to refuel at special stations in the conditions of a specialized car service.

In some cases, the car was completely seasoned with freon, but at the same time the air conditioner does not turn on. It should be noted that the coupling may not turn on for several reasons, and the defect is not necessarily hidden precisely in it. Reasons for the non.earnings of the coupling:

  • There is a cliff in wires, food is not supplied to the compressor;
  • The inclusion relay does not work, on Renault Logan it is located in the mounting unit, in the engine compartment on the left side (near the battery).

Check the relay is quite simple. you need to dismantle it, close the contacts under it with a piece of wire, press the air conditioner button. If a loud click is heard when soaking, this indicates that the air conditioning coupling is working and the relay must be replaced.

If there is insufficient cooling of air in the car interior, the equipment should be diagnosed in the car service at the stand, check what pressure is in the system. The pressure should be determined, not lower and not higher than the set norm.

conditioning, clutch, does, work, compressor, repair

Compressor malfunction

Even if there is gas in the system, the air conditioner may not cool the air and not develop the desired pressure. There are not so many reasons. The most common problem is the destruction of the compressor itself.

On most machines, it is an axial piston, but there are both in-line and rotor-piston structures. In any case, in its mechanical part there are problems such as bullying, grabbing, the destruction of connecting rods and other mechanical nodes. It happens that valves, fittings, and even joint joints are jammed or flowing.

If the compressor is destroyed, it supplies a lot of garbage to the system, often it damages another knot.

Fortunately, the most common problem of all compressors is the banal refusal of an electromagnetic coupling, in which a simple “clutch” sometimes burns out and wears out, and the electromagnet burns. Also, the coupling often fails through the fault of the bearing.

The simplest external designs easily change in place, even without removing the compressor from the machine. complex designs with built.in sealed couplings are more reliable, but to replace faulty elements will require a serious bulkhead of the compressor itself.

Replacing the support bearing of the coupling will also often require the use of the press, and it will not work to complete without removing the compressor itself from the machine. However, sometimes it is enough to adjust the gap or remove dirt from the coupling, and the knot restores performance.

Long-term overheating and overloading the system most often leads to breakdowns with the safety sensors disconnected, or a lack of or incorrectly chosen lubrication and falling products of the filter-dryer destruction into the compressor piston group.

Malfunctions of the heat regulatory valve and throttle insert

These details are too often forgotten, but, nevertheless, these are one of the thinnest nodes of the entire structure. Their task is to create a pressure difference in the system and provoke the evaporation of the refrigerant.

The main problem is that these are very thin devices. The holes are very small, and the TRV has its throughput is also regulated by the needle. Garbage clogs these holes and violates the operation of the system. When vacuuming before refueling, the system can be cleaned, but the probability of this is small. The increased resistance of the TRV and the throttle insert leads either to complete inoperability of the system, or to its very low performance. Often the compressor simply cannot pump the freon, and the pressure jump occurs with its subsequent leakage.

Systems with the TRV are arranged somewhat simpler, since they work in constant mode and with full evaporation of the refrigerant before the evaporator, and the systems with a battery and a throttle insert have a simpler mechanical part. But at the same time they require control of the compressor using electronics, due to which their “flooded type” evaporator is approximately 10% more effective than the usual. But there is another nuance. The battery must prevent the refrigerant in the liquid phase again into the pump, otherwise it will fail as a result. And with an unheated motor or when turned on in winter, there is a chance to ruin the compressor in this way.

The systems can also lead to inoperability in the operation of the electronic regulation system.

Falf in the compressor of the Auto Conductor: Causes, methods of elimination

Compressor. one of the main components of the car air conditioner. It ensures the compression of the freon and its circulation over the evaporator tubes. Structurally, such equipment is a pump. A metal pulley is installed on its shaft. Using belt transmission, it is connected to the pulley of the crankshaft engine. Когда двигатель запущен, шкив вращается вхолостую до включения автокондиционера. When it turns on, an electromagnetic coupl with a clamping plate should work to work as a pump. As a result of this, the rotation from the pulley is transmitted by the shaft, and the pump begins to work. For automobile air conditioners, piston and rotary-lobed compressors are most often used. During the operation of such equipment, the elements are lubricated with special oil dissolved in the refrigerant.

The compressor breakdown leads not only to the output of the autocontroller. With some malfunctions, other systems, car units are affected.

Signs of malfunctions of the compressor of the car air conditioner

There are the following main reasons why compressors for carconditions can fail:

  • wear of individual components, components as a result of long.term operation;
  • The volume of freon in the system does not correspond to the norm, is too large or insufficient;
  • The radiator is strongly contaminated or faulty of the cooling fan. As a result of this, wear is accelerated;
  • Violation of Freon circulation in the system (the problem can occur due to closed thermal valve, deformation of conducting tubes, and t.P.).

Extraneous noise. With the engine and the air conditioner turned off, a buzz, a rumble from the engine compartment. When the carcontrationer turns on, the sound either disappears or changes. Most often, the appearance of such a rumble is associated with wear or failure of the pulley bearing. This is a serious malfunction that can lead to a breakdown of an electromagnetic coupling, the production of the seat on the pulley, damage to the front cover of the compressor, the formation of cracks on the end seal, the refrigerant leakage. If the bearing works incorrectly, the pulley can distort, as a result of which it wear out unevenly, this leads to the jamming of the equipment. Bearings are non.indifferent and inconsistent, and therefore their repair is impossible. If the system was operated for some time with a faulty bearing, significant production may form on the pulley, deformation. In this case, you will additionally need to buy an air conditioner compressor pulley and install it instead of a defective.

The electromagnetic coupling does not work despite the fact that the voltage is supplied correctly to it. The electromagnetic coupling of the air conditioning compressor may fail for several reasons: after overheating of the equipment and melting the coupling, as a result of the appearance between the pulley and the clamping plate, etc.P. If the coupling does not turn on, the clamping plate does not work and the pulley does not transmit rotation to the shaft. Because of this, the equipment cannot start. To eliminate the malfunction, the coupling is removed. In the most difficult cases, the node is completely replaced. often it is possible to repair the coupling of the air conditioning compressor, eliminating the electromagnet malfunction, the existing gap, the production of pulleys, etc.P.

Lack of tightness. Provided that the body of the node is not damaged, the malfunction is easily eliminated. To restore the tightness, it is enough to replace the reptile. For this, the equipment will need to be removed, disassemble and rinse. After that, the components of the remote control are replaced, assembly of the node. Further, its performance is checked at the stand and, if the compressor is sealed, it is installed in place. In case of damage to the parts of the case in some cases, they can be restored using argon welding.

When performing the repair of the air conditioning compressor, work is carried out in the following order:

  • defect. Involves the inspection, measurement of the working parameters of the system, the identification of faulty, worn nodes and components. Separately inspect the pulley, the clamping plate of the air conditioner compressor, the pressure of the refrigerant, voltage, etc. are measured.P. Repair is considered appropriate if no more than 50% of the compressor compressor compressor compressor is defective. If it is in the worst state, it is recommended to completely replace it;
  • If the pressure of the freon in the system is too high, the state of the cooling fan is checked;
  • inspection of the condenser, if necessary, is cleaned of accumulated deposits;
  • in the presence of contaminants in the air conditioning system. its washing;
  • elimination of the identified faults of the compressor, its assembly and installation in place.

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The Center for Maintenance and Repair of Auto Conditioners announces a decrease in for refueling air conditioners!

For what reason the air conditioning clutch does not turn on?

There are annoying cases that it just seemed to warm, the heat went, and the air conditioner stopped cooling. Symptoms of damage to the air conditioning system can be observed as follows: click the button, the turns rise and the air comes, however, not cooled.

At the same time, the filter is absolutely clean and it is still not necessary to refuel, and the pressure in the system is quite normal. The reason may be that the air conditioning coupling does not turn on.

In such cases, some experts may offer a refueling of the air conditioner, oil replacement, or something else. And many puzzle, what to do, what to pay attention to and how to check the coupling, or immediately radically change it.

Reasons why the air conditioning clutches does not turn on can be many. Consider some of them.

1) there is a leak from the refrigerant system. At the same time, the upper sensor will not work and the coupling will not turn on, because the controller simply does not supply for it. For a long time tormenting and trying to start your air conditioning with ordinary inclusion, you will just imitate the inclusion of the coupling, but you will not achieve the desired results. In this case, it will be necessary to measure the pressure in the air conditioning system and season your unit by the refrigerant. Naturally, you will have to first find a leakage, without this, everything else does not make any sense.

2) Electromagnet failed, or electromagnet connector.

3) Office the block that controls the climate.

4) the mechanism of the coupling itself may turn out to be faulty and its dismantling, disassembly, maybe cleaning from corrosion, and then lubrication and assembly. It is worth noting that when assembling on the surface of the air conditioner, the oil should not get there that you just lubricated the coupling mechanism.

5) the reason may even be a faulty thermostat. The temperature of the coolant rises to a certain level. After that, the controller will turn on the air conditioner, without having time to fully cool the liquid. After all, the controller himself will not guess that this fluid is still not completely ready.

Classic modern split systems or air conditioners consist of two technologically equivalent blocks. As a rule, this is one external block located outside the dwelling, as well as the internal block, respectively installed inside.

Air conditioning equipment is the technology of the future. The climatic systems from this manufacturer were and remain in the most leading positions thanks to constant improvements.

In the summer of the year, air flow from external blocks of air conditioners is warm, that is, it would be logical to assume that you can change the external and internal blocks in places and, accordingly, in winter.

How air conditioners are installed? It is better to install it yourself, or seek help from specialists.

Why the air conditioning clutch does not work

The procedure for checking the performance of the electromagnetic coupling (hereinafter referred to as the couplings, in the figure from Vadisa under).

If a long belt of auxiliary unit drives is installed (in the picture with Vadisa. Black black fishing line for a trimmer), in this case the order is next

If a short belt is installed by bypassing the air conditioning compressor drive coupling (in the picture a red dashed fishing line for a trimmer)

We need to check, and then, if you need to run to the service. Or just if there are hands yourself to replace faulty elements.

After replacing the compressor, you will have to refill the system with oil and refrigerant. Here you can’t do without a service, of course, if one of the craftsmen does not work with gas stations for refueling household air conditioners and refrigerators. In this case, you can refuel yourself.

One of my friends, obsessed with fuel saving, immediately put a short belt of auxiliary units immediately. So that when the windshield is turned on, the climate control cannot turn on the air conditioner (in this mode it is forcibly turned on). In such a situation, he saved 1-3 liters of fuel per 100 km. Personally, I do not see the point in this, since we are deceived at our gas stations.

In the same way, you can do when the compressor of the air conditioner or coupling fails. A short belt is cheaper. And walks longer, the trajectory of its movement is not so broken.

Situations on which the coupling does not work can be called several:

The leakage of the refrigerant from the system, as a result of which the upper sensor does not work on the tube (on the right of the car in front of the motor shield), in this case the coupling will not turn on, since the controller will not give food to it. (Pushing with a stick, you simply introduce a pulley with a mechanical way into the hook, without the solenoid (electromagnet) of the coupling, t.e. imitate its normal operation)

It will take a pressure measurement in the highway. and refueling air conditioning by a refrigerant. Of course you need to find a leakage place, otherwise everything is in vain.

Electromagnet malfunction or electromagnet connector

Control climate malfunction (if the car is equipped with it). For a car with manual control of a climatic installation, this item is not relevant.

Malfunction of the coupling mechanism (dismantling, disassembly. Corrosion cleaning. Lubrication and assembly) Pay attention when assembling so that the oil does not fall on the working surface of the pulley, otherwise the belt of the drive of the auxiliary units will have to be changed soon and rinse the working surfaces of all pulleys.

The thermostat malfunction (yes, do not be surprised precisely the thermostat).

Since the temperature of the coolant will be higher than the norm and the controller, without time to cool the liquid, will turn off the air conditioner. He does not know that the coolant does not get into the radiator.to. The thermostat is closed and the OH will circulate in a small circle.

As for the dismantling of the coupling from the compressor by car, I did not have to do such an operation.