Why patties do not rumble in the oven: 7 main reasons

You do not mind to pamper family or friends with delicious and fragrant baking? Responsibly approach the process: carefully mean, whip carefully, carefully mix, with love, pour out and sprinkle. And then once. and it does not work! Burns on top or bottom, without properly in this case. All works Nammark. Capricious ovens beat off any desire to cook something in them.

In fact, this unit is not capricious at all, if you know its basic rules of operation and use them correctly. It will not be superfluous to study the instructions, since there may be described nuances of the work of your model that does not have other ovens.

Why dries the cake in the oven?

Maybe you do not heat the slab before baking. Try to warm well first, and how to put baked, reduce gas gradually. If the oven does not warm up, the pies be baked longer and dry. During baking, you should not open the oven, each time you open the temperature decreases by 10-20 degrees.

  • Put in the oven Special bakery stone from chammed clay or refractory brick for accumulating and uniform heat distribution. Note: Bricks or stones must necessarily be thoroughly washed and dried
  • Under the baking tray with baking on the grid to lay a sheet of foil.

What to do if baking adhesive to form?

You just need to give abstiny to cool, and then gently separate the product from it. Cooks recommend using for baking parchment paper or silicone rug. with them baking to stick to the opposition will not be, and the baking person himself can not be lubricated with oil.

There may be several sources of troubleshooting: a breakdown in the power cord, a problem of one of the edges, a thermostat defect and even wear of the sealant on the door. Does not warm the electric oven bottom. Often users notice that the dish is burned from above, but did not propk from the bottom. Most often, the reason is damaged by Nizhny Tan.

Gas preparation subtleties

Many hostesses are replenish on the oven: meat is burning, then the pie is properly embarrassed. However, the technique is not always fault. To prepare with pleasure in the gas oven, some simple rules should be followed. The working chamber must always be kept clean, before cooking it is necessary to remove all unnecessary items (bars, pans, grilles) so that they do not interfere with the circulation of warm air. Before sending the product to be baked, the oven is carefully warmed at the maximum temperature for 15-20 minutes. Then the desired temperature is set and the baking sheet is loaded with a dish.

It is not recommended to open the door of the oven without necessity. Watch readiness better through glass, good all modern models have a bright backlight. If you use a gas closet without convection, leave around portions more free space for hot air circulation. Baking quality directly depends on how accurately you managed to configure the temperature mode specified in the recipe. For example, meat bakes at 180 degrees C, lasagna is prepared at 200 C, and pizza at 220 s. After turning off the burner, it is better to leave the cake minutes for 5-7 in a closed oven. For different types of baking, it is desirable to start separate molds. Do not look for a universal suitable for all dishes.

How is the stove in the gas oven?

Contrary to emerging opinion, the oven is not a capricious device, if you know how to contact her. Unfortunately, when a gas model comes to shift, a gas model comes, it starts to contact it in the same way, making it the first and main mistake. To the top and bottom of the products always passed evenly, such rules should be remembered:

  • It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations on the temperature in the recipes. Do not try to speed up cooking baking, enhance the flame.
  • For baking a large cake, use a lower temperature than when working with a small product. A large billet is evenly and completely embarked in the case when it is kept for a long time at an average temperature.
  • If the recipe does not specify the temperature, you can use universal data: 180ºС for large cakes, 200-210ºС for small baking.
  • Initially, the billet in the gas oven should be placed at the average level. After some time, we evaluate the quality of product development. In the case when the bottom darkens, and the top is not seized, rearrange the container to the top level. Sometimes you need to grab a crust at the bottom, in this case the product rearrange the maximum lowest possible.
  • Forms for baking products in the oven mandatory lubricate vegetable or butter, natural fat without odor. Then you can not worry about the risk of cake strain or its sticking to the dishes.

If you do not want to constantly lubricate the surfaces with products that, as a result of heat treatment, turn into not the most useful substances, should be used by butter-based dough. It does not stick to the forms, it turns out delicious and crumbly. over, most of the recipes allows you to apply such a universal basis.

Faults and gaseous breakdowns

Gas oven, like other household appliances has its own resource and installed rules of operation. To learn more about what resource is designed to be designed and how to operate it correctly, you can find out in the description, however, you need to read the description with the mind, I do not miss any moment and council. Perhaps this and the secrets of the fact that the oven suddenly ceased to work or does not go to the desired baking mode. One of the sections of the Gas Operation Instructions is the maintenance section and the most common faults. And if suddenly it happened in work, then you need to open a book on this page.

What are the main faults and how to do when they are detected. First of all, you need to determine the most pronounced symptoms of what happened. General diagnosis oven bad bakes in this case does not say anything about. Here you need a specific. And to help figure out the situation will help the classification of symptoms of problems in the oven:

  • Ignition problems;
  • Problems with the work of the built-in equipment. fan, thermostat, thermometer, electronic control;
  • Problems with temperature regime during operation;
  • Problems with uneven heat distribution inside the oven;
  • Problems with the work of the oven in certain modes.

Such a classification allows you to more accurately determine the possible causes of breakage and methods to eliminate them. Of course, there are cases when several problems are revealed at the same time and there is no ignition, and the oven bake is bad and the timer does not work on time. In this case, it is necessary to approach the problem solving comprehensively and break the common problem to local and gradually solve them.By the way, it is worth saying that the gas oven is not the best option for baking the biscuit, in the electric oven it turns out much better. But on the other hand, repair even a very complex gas oven will cost cheaper than electric, here less details and replace them is much easier and easier. But after all, gas equipment has its own deadline, and it is impossible to exclude its breakdowns, however, as can not be ruled out due to improper operation of the device.

What to do if the cake is burning on top?

How solid pies make soft

Clean towel flush water, squeeze well and put on top. So baking will not wet, and moisture will make it soft. Mix milk and water in a proportion of 50 to 50, to deceive ready-made singer pie and put in the oven at 220 ° C for 5 minutes.

Installing the mode

It is desirable for cooking to choose a uniform heating on top and bottom. This mode is ideal for baking, baking fish, meat. Many modern devices have several modes, one of which is a strong heating of the bottom of the bottom and the standard heating of the upper.

Equipment for medium and high price is equipped with a fan on the rear wall. It is used for uniform heating of food. Usually the technique is used to binge whole pieces of meat, fish.

Lower heating mode is necessary to create dishes, which are covered with fruit or cheese from above so that there is no burning. It is suitable for warming up finished products. Upper heating is used to create juicy dishes. Gas stove “Indesit” with a gas oven is equipped with several modes that allow you to prepare different foods.

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Some types of equipment have a weak heating in which both Tan are functioning. The mode is suitable for defrosting food, drying products. Modern technique is equipped with a grill mode with which products can be prepared as if they roasted on a fire.