What to do if the flow is air conditioning? How to deal with the fact that water drips from the air conditioner?

To begin with, it is worth clarifying. where, when and why water appears in the air conditioner. Everything is simple. this is condensate, the product of the conversion of the water vapor contained in the air into the liquid state when it is cooling.

Thus, the higher the level of air humidity, the more condensate (water) appears in the air conditioner. For example, even the smallest in the power of the household air conditioner is able to dry the air to 1 liter per hour. How specifically in a certain case the water is condensed to say it is impossible, it all depends on the humidity of the air, its temperature and of course from the desired mark of indoor thermometer.

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How to eliminate leak

The method of eliminating leaks directly depends on the cause of the breakage.

Lack of refrigerant

In this case, freezing of the external part of the evaporator with further melting is frosty after the system is turned off. Usually such a problem is accompanied by atypical sound and minor ice blowing.

Damage to the drainage highway

Such a breakdown most often happens in the process of testing the system with poor quality installation. The reason for the malfunction becomes mechanical damage to the pipeline. It must be replaced. soldering, winding with a tape and gluing is extremely undesirable.

Clock drainage pipe

If the outer tube is not equipped with a grid, over time it turns out to be clogged by web, insect cocopus, dust or mud. In winter, it can take its full icing. To correct the situation, you need to clean the pipeline with a wire or a vacuum cleaner, you will have to carefully disconnect in frosts.

No pressure supply regulator

Most often takes place in winter when there is a significant discharge of pressure and temperature circuit of the entire system. The heating of the evaporator of the indoor unit decreases, condensate is formed and, as a result, found. With an increase in the temperature of the evaporator wall, the leakage occurs and occurs. Only installation of the pressure regulator can be solved.

Application of pseudosifones

Often when installing equipment for preventing penetration of unpleasant odor, a waste drainage pipe bends. This leads to faults, so the deformed area will have to be replaced, while it is best to use original siphons.

Installation of the drainage highway without slope

As already mentioned, this error takes place when you try to independently install the air conditioner with a self-enea. In this case, the internal unit turns into a large water tank and becomes extremely dangerous for people located. To eliminate such an error, you will need to dismantle the entire system and its integrated re-equipment.

In a situation, if the output of water into the street for some reason is impossible, set air conditioners with a drainage pump, for example, in basement or underground structures. Such equipment can also leak.

Breakdown of the drainage pump. the condensate is not completely absorbed. Such equipment must be repaired or completely replaced.

In case of unintentional turning off electricity or voltage drop in the network, a minor leakage sometimes appears. Do not worry. when renewing current supply, the problem is quickly eliminated.


To fix a faulty air conditioner, you should identify the type of system installed, the features of its functioning and the place of the flow of leaks.

On a note! To inspect the inner block, there must be a comfortable ceiling gap.

Sometimes to eliminate the cause of sufficient actions will be: ordinary cleaning or removing. However, if leak is caused by a violation of the rules for the installation of a split-system or the use of low-quality materials, a significant cash costs will be required.

For split systems with condensate condensation

So, at first systems will be considered, in which the condensate outflows will be carried out by its spontaneous stalk due to some decomposition of the drainage highway. The most common causes and their elimination are reduced to the table.

water, flows, internal, conditioner, unit
Types of faults Causes and signs of occurrence Elimination of the problem
Lack of refrigerant in the system Caused by the freezing of the external evaporator with the subsequent melting of the hoarfrost after turning off the air conditioner. In the process of work is accompanied by an uncharacteristic sound and blowing small ice floes. It is necessary to pre-install the system by Freon, having previously found out the cause and place of leakage. To more accurately determine the place of depressurization of the circuit, it is recommended to call a service brigade.
Drainage pipeline damage Usually detected during system testing. Comes as a result of poor quality installation or mechanical damage to the pipeline. Damaged pipeline should be replaced. Soldering, adhesive and winding of a damaged area with a tape is extremely undesirable.
Closing the output drainage tube The outer tube that is not equipped with a protective grid may be blocked by foreign objects, insect cocopus and web. In winter, it can be full of icing. It should be cleaned with a drainage tube with a wire or vacuum cleaner. Winter will need to knock down the ice.
No pressure regulator In winter, there is a significant drop of pressure and temperature circuit temperature. The temperature of the evaporator of the indoor unit falls, as a result of which condensate is formed and found. With raising the level of heat in the room, the exterior walls of the evaporator melt and begin to flow. Installation of pressure regulator.
Using pseudosifones In the production of air conditioning installation to prevent unpleasant smell from entering the sewage, the waste drainage tube was bent to maintain a constant water level. Replace the outstanding bent tube on the original siphon.
The drainage highway does not have a slope This is a constructive error caused by a gross violation of the rules for the installation of split systems with the self-removal condensation. With such an oversight, the indoor unit of the air conditioner is a huge tank with water, and carries a serious danger to people under it. Elimination of the error attracts disassembly and comprehensive refitting of the climate technology system.
Till the drain hole of the inner block Comes due to the contact of small foreign objects and insects in the drain pan of the indoor unit. You should clean the drain inlet and remove clogging from the protective grid.

For split systems with drainage pump

Air conditioners with a drainage pump are used when it is impossible to remove the waste tube into the courtyard or on the street or simply impossible. Systems of this kind are often used when conditioning basements and underground facilities.

Important! It is worth noting that for this type of split systems is also characterized by the first four types of damage from the previous description.

Additional system malfunctions with a drainage pump are reduced to the table below.

Types of faults Causes and signs of occurrence Elimination of the problem
Drainage failure Condensate is not completely suused with pomp even if there is a characteristic humant, testifying to the work of the pump. Replacement or pump repair.
Water level sensor breakage With such a malfunction, the system does not see the need to pump water and does not give the command to turn on the pump. As a result, water accumulates in the horns of the indoor unit and begins to flow. Installing a good sensor.
Vaulting of a float chamber Without timely maintenance, extraneous objects and dirt can block the float and disrupt condensate pumping. Complex cleaning of the float chamber and its elements.
Violation of the bandwidth of the air tube Lack of air flow in the duct tube due to its inflection, breakdown or the emergence of an additional obstacle to air. Need to eliminate bending, clean or reliably fix the torn tube.
Lack of power supply drainage pump Minor flow can appear after unintentional power outage. The problem quickly disappears when the power is renewed. It may be caused by the loss of contact on the terminals of the drainage pump, as well as in the connector between the float chamber and the pump. Checking the reliability of fixing contact terminals.

Attention! You can include and check the performance of the system only after the end of the procedure with a multimeter to determine the presence of an electrical connection on working terminals.

Air conditioning “Pot” after several years of work.

If the air conditioner, who worked to you faithfully for several years, suddenly. The reason lies in the absence or improper maintenance.

  • The drainage tube clogged. Dust, insect and t can accumulate in the hose.P. What will lead to a decrease or overlapping of water flow. There were cases that in the tube, in the search for water in a hot period, crawled Juke, who later stuck and blocked the entire drainage canal. Solution: Clean the drainage channel.
  • Freon leakage. By freonofroduction circulates quite volatile refrigerant. Freon, who is enough microcracks to destroy from the refrigeration circuit. Round refrigerant leakage 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. With a decrease in the number of freon in the system, the evaporator of the internal unit is frost. It is formed by the similarity of Inea, in severe cases, a snow fur coat. In this case, the condensate does not flow into the tray of the pallet, and drips right on the blinds, with them to the room. With an air conditioner, it often looks like “sparing” with water. Water can not drain into the pallet, the drop under its own weight, it takes away from the edge of the heat exchanger, falls down, falls on the fan of the inner block, which ejected it outward. Solution: Check the air conditioner for the leakage of Freon, if necessary, to remove air conditioning. This procedure requires certain knowledge, skills, tools. Trust this work to professionals.

Where does water appear in the air conditioner

To begin with, it is worth clarifying. where, when and why water appears in the air conditioner. Everything is simple. this is condensate, the product of the conversion of the water vapor contained in the air into the liquid state when it is cooling.

Thus, the higher the level of air humidity, the more condensate (water) appears in the air conditioner. For example, even the smallest in the power of the household air conditioner is able to dry the air to 1 liter per hour. How specifically in a certain case the water is condensed to say it is impossible, it all depends on the humidity of the air, its temperature and of course from the desired mark of indoor thermometer.

Installers with two left hands

Condensate discharge problems can begin shortly after installation of the air conditioner. In 99% of cases, this due to unprofessional (in some cases drunk) installers.

5 Reasons of water leakage from Air conditioner || How to resolve water dripping from Indoor unit.

The fact is that the drainage tube must go under the tilt down. Sometimes when installing in the wall make a hole, which goes parallel to the ground, or at all directed up. In this case, according to the law of gravity, the moisture will not be able to drop and accumulates in the tray.

Identify the problem is easy. just look at the entrance and yield of drainage from the wall.

Output two. either punch a new hole, or outweigh the air conditioner higher. But it is best to call installers. They are simply obliged to fix their mistake.

If you put air conditioning yourself, you will have to arm a peuorator and choose. Naturally, it will be easier to break a new hole. His input must begin there, where and the old one, but the channel must be sent down.

Suspicious noise

The reasons why the air conditioner buzzes may be somewhat. Perhaps this model is not intended for such elevated loads, so the GUL indicates a compressor wear.

Also, if it does not clean the external block from pollution in time, then the dust will be unevenly agitated on it, dirt. This is especially true of the blades of the fan. Due to pollution, they become unbalanced and subject to breakage, so permanent hum. You just need to clean the fan or replace it with a new one.

If the sound of the Claus is heard. it speaks of a malfunction of automation or internal details.

Bulkay indicates that air got into the drainage system, and the condensate does not merge.

Exit. straighten the tube under the desired angle to free up the system from convolving.

Sometimes the rumble is due to poorly fixed parts. You need to tighten all the details, fasteners and connections.

When without a professional can not do

Unfortunately, not in all cases manage to cope with their own. It happens, water drips from the air conditioner indoors due to the failure of the drainage pump. His repair or replacement requires specialized knowledge and special tools. Another option: with an excessive amount of fluid inside the contour itself, the pressure is excessively growing, which breaks individual units. Can flow the block itself. This is usually due to the hidden defects of the inside. cracks, deformations and chips. Homemade “wig” glue, maybe help, but not long. In addition, it can entail even more serious problems. And therefore even more expensive repair.

According to experts, the most common cause of leakage becomes pollution of one of the elements of the drainage. To avoid problems, professionals insist: do not neglect the prevention. At least spring when you are going to launch the air conditioner. In addition to cleaning, the wizard will check the settings and functionality of the most vulnerable nodes. It is precisely preventive service is not so expensive: anyone can afford him to install a split system by means.

Another important recommendation: Do not move air conditioning yourself. During repair, many decide to move the block above / lower / left / right, and believe that the master is not needed for this. However, such amateurness leads to a change in the angle of inclination of the drainage tube (at least) and condensate leaks on freshly spend walls.

Another Good Tip: Watch out for the work on outdoor insulation, if you ordered the external trimming of highlifts. There is a mass of cases when the robust workers were covered with a drainage hole or bent up the tap tube. And you need to follow and then when you insulate the apartment under you: if the neighbors annoying a knock of drops from your air conditioner, they may well ask the climbers to eliminate sound source.

And most importantly. do not save on the installation. By purchasing air conditioning, view the average price, which in your region is requested for its installation. Stay at the average cost: if someone offers a service at a very low price, then this should cause suspicions. Having used to a seductive proposal, you will have a real headache instead of rest in the coolness. It may be incorrectly broken hole, the drainage pipe is broken, deformed or cracked due to poor quality of the source material. It happens that the rolling was crooked, the result of which the flame leak was becoming and the heat exchanger frost. Frequent cases of low-quality heat insulation of the freon contour. And all this causes droplets inside the apartment. As experts say, a cheap installation is too expensive to agree on it.

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