What will happen to flashlight after washing

what to do if the flash drive fell into the water. You should know what will happen with a flash drive after washing, so as not to aggravate the position. Step-by-step briefing After detecting a wet medium of information. this is a chance to avoid trouble and try to save the thing.

Familiar to many situations when in the attack of cleanliness and hurry in the washing machine flying things with unverified s. Having taken out wrapped things, “nice” to discover among them a USB drive. The owner is cold then, remembering that there is a report, presentation, thesis, photo or video materials, which are important, are needed and urgently needed. Shock from what happened is replaced by horror because of fear for the information being there, to change which comes indignation with smart thoughts, as it should be done before washing. But we are all smart rear! Need effective tips when he has already been filled with a flash drive in a washing machine, what to do now without “if”?

When you call a specialist?

What to do with a spoiled map?

If the bank card does not work or works badly, then it is necessary to replace it in the separation of that bank where you received it. Map with damage to the magnetic ribbon recovery is not subject to, reissuate it.

To prevent the new VTB Bank card ahead of schedule, you need:

  • come to the bank with a passport and write a statement of a post-post card, which indicate the reason for the replacement of the card;
  • give a statement to the bank employee;
  • Block the old card;
  • in 5-10 business days get a new card.

Note! So that the new map has new details (number and account), then it is necessary to specify separately in the application. Otherwise, the details will remain the same with the exception of the PIN code.

The scheme of obtaining a new card in other banks by and large does not differ. However, the amount of the Commission for the release of the card in different banks for different types of cards is different and varies in the range of 50. 1500. So, for example, the replacement of a simple VTB card will cost 150, and the status. 1500. Replacing a credit card in Sberbank will be free.

Thus, the commission for issuing a bank card due to damage may not be small, so be careful before you put things in the car. Otherwise, your inattention will cost you money and time.

Facts in numbers

According to the reviews of users who came to a similar situation, there are several facts:

  • at least 1 hour. you should dry the flash drive after washing;
  • no more than 40 degrees. the average temperature in which information may still be saved.

There are 2 types of drives. with folding and unintended corps. The first view can be carefully dried, and the second is often waterproof.

No need to despair ahead of time. in 80% of cases, all files remain integer. 20% includes mechanical damage to the postgraded flash drive, such as, beats about the metallic drum of the washing machine and washing more than 1.5 hours in hot water.

Premium class sample owners from brand manufacturers are lucky. Such flash cards are already protected from water and have warranty service. Products are not distinguished by excellent quality. In this case, the main task is to transfer files to another media.

What to do if you fail to withdraw from the flash drive the necessary information

If after drying the memory card does not open, but there is important documents on it, there is a way to restore all the data on your own. Special program will come to the rescue.

  • Download the appropriate software to the computer. There are many more them (Transcend Jetflash Online Recovery, D-Soft Flash Doctor, Flash Memory Toolkit and DR.).
  • Install and launch the program. After the screen will be launched to restore files.
  • Mark the desired strings. You can choose single or all. The more data you want to recover, the longer the process will last.
  • Press “Start”.
  • After a time, a prepared list of files for recovery will appear. You should click on “Restore”.
  • Specify the location of the file saving.

After time, you can check the result.

Keep in mind that some files on the flash drive are not completely restored. Such a trouble is no longer able to warn or fix.

Save or not saved data?

About 80% of cases of flash drive will work and data stored on it will not suffer. On this expense, enthusiasts even conducted experience. Fixed with cotton sheets in a washing machine at once 10, not protected by a waterproof case, flash drives. Especially did not regret, set the washing mode at a temperature of 90 0 s, double rinse and spin. In addition, the usual dose of washing powder was poured and poured air conditioning for linen.

The conditions for an ordinary memory card are simply monstrous: boiling water, and also a bunch of chemistry, not to mention the shock loads.

After washing, and more precisely, its boiling will be called, flash drives removed, disassembled, washed in alcohol and treated with a toothbrush. At the end dried with a hair dryer with a drying hair dryer. And what is the result? The result, to tell the truth, greatly surprised. 8 out of 10 flash drives worked, as if nothing had happened. Could not consider data from only two drives, but it turns out not critical. If you wish, information can be restored, and do everything with your own hands.

wrapped, flash, drive, washing, machine

Cleaning linen

First of all it is necessary to extract postgraded products from drum. To get rid of the contents of the diaper, put on clothes, rinse textiles under running water. Open the faucet so that the subhold of the jet was very strong, and, taking one thing, start rinse it until it gets rid of the remnants of the diaper.

The jelly-like gel will be removed from the fibers of the fabric very slowly, so you should be patient.

Experienced mothers who have fallen in such a situation are advised to remove gel balls, poured on things using a brush. It is still necessary to be wetted on the horizontal surface and walk along the material of the hard bristle. Almost the entire diaper filler will be removed under the influence of the brush, and the remaining balls will have to scrape with nails.

Some hostesses recommend cleaning underwear using scotch. This method is a bit dubious, however, if other methods do not help, you can resort to it. The sticky side of the scotch strips is applied to the contaminated area, the remnants of diapers are removed from the fabric along with the ribbon.

What to do after the wet clothing is cleaned under water and processed with a brush? You can start drying. After a complete drying of the products, it is recommended to go through the cloth with a brush again to brush the remnants of the pampers filler. You can once again strike things, but mostly such a measure is not required, it is enough to try and sip the underwear iron.

Cautions of specialists

Scribes argue that even 100% of the working capacity of the flash drive after a full drying does not guarantee its further operation. After 2 days, a week or month she can stop working. This is a consequence of oxidation of contacts. This often occurs in case of neglect of alcohol processing and high-quality drying. If you recovered files on a flash drive, immediately transfer them to another device.

Do not leave important documents and in the future on flash drives that once visited water. Always make copies to after do not suffer.

Also experts say what is important:

How to Save USB Flash Drive left in Washing Machine

  • Dry the device immediately after finding trouble. The longer the memory card breaks down in water, will be in contact with the powder and mechanically damage, the less chances for its successful recovery. If you remembered or saw a flash card in a washing machine, stop it immediately. Remove the device and do it with rehabilitation.
  • Sew USB drive for a long time. If this is a hairdryer. about half an hour. Battery. 3-5 hours. With the help of the Sun. two days.
  • Do not overheat a flash drive. If the battery is used while drying and it warms it hard, then it is worth putting under the bottom dense fabric. If you can get down the temperature, then do it. Hairdryer Include on the minimum temperature mode.

If the flash drive has some value and want to leave this device, in spite of everything, if any detail is damaged, you can replace it. Alone is better not to work for work. Contact specialists for help.

So that more such a confusion has happened, check your s and flash drives in them better do not put.

wrapped, flash, drive, washing, machine